Evil God of Darkness and Poison. Favoured Deity of the Yuan-Ti and Patron of Assassins.

Zehir rules the mountains of Tytherion, the Endless Night, while Tiamat, Queen of Chromatic Dragons, rules the caverns below.

Eons ago, after realizing that she could not defeat Bahamat (before being slain during the 2nd dawn war and replaced with Ermonias), Tiamat decided to obtain her own realm and invaded Tytherion, hoping to unseat Zehir. She won a partial victory, but could not defeat him entirely. Zehir and his serpentine worshippers prefer the deep caverns, so she attacked those first.

The result is the strange division of Tytherion today; Zehir and his serpents rule the mountains and fields, far above the depths they prefer to crawl in, while Tiamat and her dragons rule the underground caverns, far beneath the skies and mountains they prefer to fly through. It is possible that everybody in Tytherion would be happier with a simple trade, granting Tiamat the heights and Zehir the depths, but neither God will admit such a desire; their pride is too great. Tiamat wants all of Tytherion, while Zehir regards her as an interloper.

While technically the two sides are still at war, they are currently not engaged in actual fighting; both sides are waiting for the other to strike first, and are bolstering their defenses in preparation for an attack. They have been waiting for eons to continue the war.

Aside from Tiamat, Zehir counts Sehanine, Lugun and Nicea among his foes.


Zehir’s clerics are called Venomers and he draws many worshipers from the ranks of the yuan-ti due to his appreciation for snakes.


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