The Murkendraw Swamp

Located in the Feywild.

The Portal to the Nexus Realm was used to travel to the Feywild and a day’s journey leads to the Massive Swamp.

A swamp of massive weeping willows and the stench of rotted fruit. Gnarled roots thrust up from bubbling pits. There are reeds as high as a man on horseback. A fog permeates and limits vision in the distance. The air is rank and humid, and the whole place drips with brackish water. You feel the first sting of biting insects almost immediately.

A map belonging to Morsiphian is found in the Nexus Realm that shows the swamp.

The large swamp shows a few cities and towns, as well as a Pyramid.

The Hunt patrols at least part of this swamp and seems to protect the Pyramid. The PCs defeat 3 groups of the Hunt. Beriah defeats a Hive Queen and befriends her…gaining a potential ally, information about the Pyramid, Morsiphian and The Creators.

After the first hunt is defeated a rainbow leads to a leprechaun, saying one key is found.

The players encounter Sealkir, a Drow warrior apparently mating with Harpies. They allow the Drow and his harpy daughter to live.

The players come upon an Orc hermit names Prafir Chuim. He offers to guide the group or other assistance for a price…as well as to sell herbs. The players move on.

The PCs encounter Accalia, a female humanoid with two dog faces.

Morsiphian is defeated, with Nenus sending him through a Portal created using a Ritual.

A hag, werewolf, and wereboar turn out to be cursed Eladrin. The players reverse the curse and the mother Belonara and her two sons Marek and Tarion from Estermere are in debt and say to come to them if they need anything. They are from a noble family. Beriah binds a devil named Kraxis to his will temporarily to remove the curse but in return gives up one of the memories of his 1000 lives.

After the curse is removed a rainbow leads to another leprechaun, saying a second key has been found.


The Murkendraw Swamp

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