The Island (Fey Crossing)

Most of what is needed to know about the Island can be found in Tressa’s Journal.

Tressa and Hazar fought over control of the Island before Tressa was killed by the players.

The players free Voor from Tressa’s clutches…who turns out to be a member of the Celestial Order. He makes them honorary members of the order and says they will be in touch in the future.

Storm clouds hover over the island constantly. Lightning flashes at seemingly random times and wind swirls around the island at high speeds. Hazar can direct the island’s power to a degree.

Today, the teardrop-shaped island is a pristine island of lush vegetation surrounded by swamp (swamp quiet now…lizardmen village abandoned). At its extremes, the island is nearly a mile long and half a mile wide; a shallow lake surrounded by a narrow strip of soggy marshland lies at its center.

As one moves farther from the lake, the ground becomes firmer, reeds give way to tall grass and flowering shrubs, and all mannder of exotic multi colored trees and brush.

The prominent feature of the island is a earthen ridge that rises precipitously from the forest floor. About 30 feet above the island it wraps around its western edge.

Avian life pervades the island’s every nook and cranny. Ibises, flamingos, and storks stalk the marshlands as ducks, geese, swans, gulls, and other waterfowl swim lazily across the lake’s surface. Magnificent peacocks and simple partridges strut through the tall grass while multitudes of gaily-colored songbirds nest in the trees above. Hawks, ravens, eagles, owls, and other raptors perch high atop the cliffs, which are also home to the blood hawks and comet tail eagles that serve as the island’s first line of defense.

The Island and Magic

The arcane and primal energy saturating the island generates odd effects, the most noticeable being the island’s overwhelming allure to feathered creatures.

Fey Crossing: The entire island is a fey crossing, a region where the boundaries between the mortal world and the Feywild grow thin. Now and again, inhabitants of the Feywild inadvertently enter the mortal world through the fey crossing, but the reverse entails deliberate action.

Normally, those wishing to transport themselves to the Feywild must descend through the portal that lies within the large tree on the island. This Portal was opened by the Players by defeating a demon of some kind within the tree.

Roving bands of Wilden have made their way to the island from the other side of the portal gate for centuries. They are angered by the lizardmen who inhabit the swamp on the other side in feywild and have been warring with them. They have come here for refuge and because of promises by Tressa of help once she gained access to the power of the island.

The players form a temporary alliance with the Wilden by saving their chief Saqr from the clutches of a Nymph working for Tressa.

The Island (Fey Crossing)

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