The Bile Spiders

A group of Goblins led by Glaxar that Morsiphian recruited into serving him.

They were specialists in training animals…and specifically Spiders. Morsiphian used this to his advantage and he also had many trained monsters under his command.

Kagin was second in command. The Bile Spiders treated Morsiphian as a God and he awarded them with powers from the Far Realm…which gave them abilities and noticeable physical transformations based on these powers (like glowing eyes and dots on their neck).

Some of the Bile Spiders (led by Kagin) watched over Lorlea and helped abduct prisoners for sacrifice to Otag-Nepthal. There are still some of the tribe in the village…working as mercenaries under the PCs guidance (led by Jester). The rest were defeated by the PCs.

The other faction of the Bile Spiders was led by Glaxar in the Nexus Realm, and they were defeated by the PCs to a man.

The Bile Spiders

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