Tressa's Journal

Tressa left her family at a young age to study and attend the university across the sea. She was always out of balance but fell in with a bad sort.

Although she was a gifted student and had won scholarships to prestigious universities, Tressa’s academic work failed to gain the recognition that she thought it properly deserved. She began traveling a great deal. During this time someone did note her deepening fascination with the darker aspects of the natural world during her travels in the Feywild, and vassals of a being known as “Sebakar the Crocodile ArchFey” began to visit her dreams, whispering terrible and best-forgotten secrets into her entranced mind. With their blessing, she recorded their startling revelations, incorporating them into her doctorate.

After publishing excerpts, she finally achieved some level of notoriety among the more outré intellectual circles. Tressa’s nightly guests once again called upon her, rescuing her from intellectual oblivion by escorting her into the Murkendraw swamp and a the court of a powerful archfey beastlord. An enthralled Tressa instantly pledged her fealty, rising through the ranks of this organization. Only later did she discover Sebakar was deceased and he was only able to speak to her in her dreams.

Later, in Deadlan she came into notice of the cult of the Midnight Serpent. She says they work as a branch of the more powerful Snaketongue cultists. Her fey master instructed her that plans were in place with an alliance with Zehir‘s followers. And they in turn were working with priest’s of Vecna. She indicates this is strange to have them all working together but she trusts her master.

She is instructed to become a full member of the cult of the Midnight Serpent and she does and enjoys the murdering philosophy. She is instructed to seek out her parents who she has not seen for years. They are in some small town now… Lorlea.

She works with the cult to continue their efforts in capturing citizens and converting them into more cultists. Apparently they started with lizardmen. There is some machine through the tree portal to the nexus…where another portal can be taken to the Feywild and the The Murkendraw swamp…described as large as a sea – a swamp of weeping willows and rotted fruit, of gnarled roots thrusting up from bubbling quicksand pits, of impenetrable fogbanks stinking of swamp gas, of week-long rainstorms where lightning scours the sodden ground, and of great dire alligators and swamp wasps the size of dogs. It is the home of hags, including the terrible Baba Yaga – the most powerful hag of all.

She has not been to the place where the machine is though. That is not her job. But she knows this machine is used to convert the unwilling into cultists. And the goal is to bring back her master from the dead.

Her job was to capture the power of the island and setup a conduit. To do this she needed Voor. To perform a sacrifice of him…as a member of the celestial order with blood ties. Apparently this would have allowed capturing the nexus realm and using the portals as easy transport. Her other job has been overseeing the village of Lorlea and keeping the Portal Open. She is very upset it was closed somehow recently by a Demon of some kind but she saw this as a temporary problem that the power of the island would solve.

In the village she duped her parents and killed her father. Things were well in hand there. in less then a week the poison would be used to finish the village off to satisfy Zehir’s bloodlust. She knows though that the cultists and those converted are needed for something more…but she does not know what yet. She will be told.

The creature (Morsiphian) has interfered with the cult and has made things difficult in the village. He says they are allied (and his Goblins) but he does not act that way. He is powerful and a real threat to their plans.

She hates Hazar but thinks she has her fooled. They have allied but fight with words constantly. She will have be removed as soon as the island’s power is in her hands.

Roving bands of Wilden have made their way to the island from a fey crossing that has since closed. They have come here for refuge and because of promises by Tressa of help once she gains access to the power of the island.

What she knows about the island:

Long before the rise of Arkhosia or Bael Turath, the Order discovered an ancient island lake suffused with primal energy and teeming with all manner of avian life attracted to its power. What the order didn’t immediately realize is that the strange place was a primeval portal to a powerful nexus location.

She is attempting to translate the teachings of the Celestial Order.

With their assistance, the Order channeled the ambient energy into a quartz obelisk that they erected upon an island at the center of the island, allowing them to harness its power to protect both the portal and the surrounding wilderness.

As the millennia passed, the Order’s membership dwindled and they tired of their isolated existence and abandoned the place.

The island is a mysterious, primal locale that has existed perhaps since the dawn of creation. After its discovery, the Order’s hierophants speculated that the island was spontaneously created by a previously unknown fey crossing, a hidden portal to a Nexus of Gates (including Feywild).

The torrent of primal energy released by this supposed portal had another, unexplained effect; it attracted all sorts of feathered creatures to it, and birds became the area’s prevailing form of wildlife, a dominance that continues to this day.

Tressa's Journal

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