The Dragons Loft

Cham-portly hafling and proprietor of the best INN in town.

He’s got a couple bouncers who keep the peace. Blutek and Gruun. Twin Dragonborn.

Cham has secret: He houses escaped slaves in the Inn. He then sends them on caravans with Trudjy to slave tribes in the mountains. He has 3 slaves currently…a dwarf, human, and Kobold. They have slave marks on their heads and remain in their rooms.

“Golden Haired” Priva the barmaid was arrested by the The Bile Spiders and is later found dead by the players. She was “reported” to have been a spy for lizardmen and seen leaving town late at night. Not true: she met a man (married) in the woods for a rendezvous. She was reported by cultists.

The Dragons Loft

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