Celestial Order

The Origins of the Celestian Order

The players encounter Voor, a member of the Celestial Order and rescue him. He rewards them as honorary members of the order and says they will encounter each other again.

As the ancient empires of Bael Turath and Arkhosia clashed for the final time, a small cadre of people brought together by chance came into knowledge of a Far Realm invasion and felt compelled to oppose it. The sane survivors—a deva courtier, a tiefling witch, an eladrin scholar, a dragonborn soldier, and a masked human known only as “the Jack of Swords”—swore an oath never to reveal what they had heard and seen, and they also resolved to find a way to preserve their knowledge for the next time the world might need it, though all society might fall and dissolve.

To keep alive their hopes despite the coming dark age, they created separate organizations that were linked together as a secret society dedicated to protecting the world from the Far Realm, regardless of whether what was left was worth saving.

These five survived the war that ruined the empires of the world, and perhaps due to a taint of the very place they sought to combat, most lived far longer than nature would allow. Under their guidance, the Celestial Order emerged. Though most of its founders are now dead, the organization continues its hidden battle against the creatures and influences that should not be, and it does so in fractured branches that share a similar creed.

Members of the Celestial Order might be of any race or creed, and they could exist at any level of society.

The Celestial Order discovered an ancient island lake suffused with primal energy and teeming with all manner of avian life attracted to its power. What the order didn’t immediately realize is that the strange island was a primeval portal to a powerful nexus location (Moriphian’s cave).

With their assistance, the Order channeled the island’s ambient energy into a quartz obelisk that they erected, allowing them to harness its power to protect both the portal and the surrounding wilderness.

Celestial Order

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