Champions of Tymeria

The Pyramid (continued 6)

September 17, 2016

Nanami reflects on her adventures so far, writing down in her journal…

We were looking at this humanoid rhino that clearly was coming out of a haze. A fight was about to happen when out of nowhere Beriah and his new pal, MaulSpike the ogre, appeared. At the time I didn’t noticed that Windy had gone missing again, it won’t be until the fight got underway that I would realize that Windy had disappeared again. I really hope she hasn’t been abducted again; unless it is by really nice people this time.

This battle we had with the rhino was extremely taxing. It started off alright, that was until the little metal construct went over to another one of those pods and started opening it up. I ran up to it and tried to stop it, but it was far more agile than I expected.

Fingers came to help me take out the construct while the other focused on the big guy. At the same time Beriah telepathically warned Fingers about the panels, letting him know to try and destroy them. Fingers hacked at the panel with his weapon. I didn’t know this was why Fingers when for the panel at the time, but seeing him focusing on the panel I got the idea he knew something about needing to attack the panels. So I unleashed a furious storm of blows against both the construct and panel. And not to brag, but my punching caused the panel to spark up like fireworks.

While this was going on Beriah used his magic to set one panel after another ablaze. Though there were so many there would be no way for him to get to all in time, which I will explain shortly here.

Then I heard this loud stamping and witness the rhino man charged through Phoen and Darrack, then circle around, bursting past the ogre and hitting into Beriah. He finished his run next to me. While this was happening Fingers managed to take out the little metal construct. But another one of those things came out from where the first one appeared. Sigh.

But what was worse is that it went to a different pod, releasing a giant head monster guy on two legs. It looked like an experiment gone horribly wrong. Darrack yelled to MaulSpike to help him push one of the couches in front of the door the droids were coming through. I guess he too was getting a little tired of these constructs opening pods with random, crazy creatures in them.

Seeing that more enemies were showing up I decided it was time to take down the rhino man. I used a powerful sweeping kick to cut down the giant. Well, I mean giant in size, not that he was a Giant. Though, he might have been made with parts of a giant possibly. This would be the place to see something like that.

Anyway, Darrack and MaulSpike were able to block the door, but not before another one of those buggers slipped out. It managed to get the remaining panel that was still functional and that introduced us to some sort of moth person, thingy.

And at some point that head monster took brief control over Phoen, making him attack me! I didn’t realize this right away, yelling at Phoen, “What’s your damage?!” But then I detected a haze in his eyes denoting the telltale signs of mind control. After that I rushed the moth and perfectly executed my Masterful Spiral technique. But that wasn’t enough and the moth used Chain Lightning against everybody! Luckily Beriah had his own lightning, casting his one spell rolling lightning… thunder, something like that and killed the moth person. Then Darrack smashed the head guy with his battle axe, taking out that nightmare.

We then looked around the room, Darrack and I investigated the desk while Beriah inspected one of the opened pods. There was some sort of images being shown, kinda like that of those seeing crystals fortunetellers use, except not orb shape. Darrack took careful note of the different rooms being shown by this device on the desk. There were five different rooms being shown; one was a dark room, another well-lit room with blood all over the place, another room had a giant machine which appeared to be some kinda forge, then there was a circular room with panels and some wires that were sparking, possibly another metal elevator, and then there was another room which escapes my memory of what it was.

I decided to check out that small room where the constructs were coming from. The couch, despite blocking them, did not break their spirits in trying to get back into the room. Opening the door they were able to go back into the small room. In this room there were lockers and little stations for the little constructs to go back and rest. At least I guess they were resting, I need to talk to an expert on constructs to get a better idea. But later on we would learn about batteries and energy being stored in them, so it probably has something to do with that.

Anyway, the lockers were open for the most part. I found some interesting metallic items, a bunch more of those silver disks, 29 of them. However, most of them were not lit up, only three of them. There was a small cylinder thingy that we would later find out is a flashlight, a device that works kinda like a sunrod or Beriah’s light spell. There was also a mystery bin with a lock on it. I gathered up these things.

Darrack asked the constructs what these were, but they went off on their spill from before. And not being interested in that we decided to decline their suggestion. So the party decided to follow the blood trail. On our way out I told the constructs to clean up before we got back, and they responded with, “We will put in a request.” Shrug. We will see if that actually happens.

The next room we went through was a wide, curved hallway that wrapped around, heading 180 degrees the other way. At the end of the hallway were two more doors, one which the blood trail led through and the other heading in the direction back to the room which we came. Not wanting to get flanked we decided to inspect that room before continuing with the trail.

In the room were a bunch of dead animals and insects. One of them that stood out was a wasp. They seemed to have been held in smaller versions of those strange pods from before. Most of them were open. There were desks, vials, beakers, and broken glass on the floor, the whole place was a mess. There were around 25 vials which had different color liquids in them; green, red, and blue.

The party tried to decipher the writings by looking at what animals were next to a pod, matching up symbols and all that like. I was pretty impressed by that, they are like archeologists. Well, why they were doing that I let my curiosity get the better of me and I opened up one of the pods. Luckily there were not giant wasps or ants that jumped out to attack. Instead, inside were these small containers which I put them into my backpack. As I was doing this I noticed my party had started to walk away, so I followed after them and after the trail of blood.

In that room there were desks on the far end, a table to our left and door to our left, and a humming machine to our right. The table was covered with rocks and dirt, as well as samples of fungus. The blood trailed appeared to have been cleaned up by somebody. It didn’t take us long to figure out who cleaned it because in the far corner there was this odd fungus creature that spoke with us telepathically.

The short of it is he said he was hungry and I offer jerky which he didn’t like. So this lead Darrack to go back to the rhino guy and cut off the arms, bring them back so the fungus creature can have some fresh blood. We also told him there was more blood out in the other room, but the creature, who decided to call himself Beriah, didn’t want to leave the room.

While that was going on I looked over the fungus samples on the table and discovered a useful mushroom for handling poison. Phoen opened the humming machine. It turned out to be some sort of warming machine for growing fungus or something.

With that all done we decided it was time to leave, but Beriah Jr. was upset and attacked. He temporarily blinded everybody except Phoen. So our Barbarian was able to lead us all to safety and we shut the door behind us.

Luckily the creature had only cleaned up the blood in its room so we were able to pick back up the trail. The hallway led to another room. This one smelt strongly of blood. In it there was a metal desk, weird beds with mechanical arms over them, more constructs (some small ones with hammers for arms, other human size ones without arms), and a blue skin female.

This woman was hostile, initially. I and Darrack spoke with her. Beriah seemed to have a distain for her and wanted to take her alive. Well, that would be done for sure, but not as he was expecting! I, after failing to reason with the fungus person, really didn’t want to make another enemy. I felt like the fungus person that she didn’t truly understand fully what she was doing or why she had to guard the place.

That is why I engaged her in conversation, posing philosophical questions about purpose, questions she seemed to have not considered before. I don’t know if it was the right thing to do or not, but defeating evil isn’t always done by killing, sometimes it is about enlightenment. That is something I learned from my teacher during my monk training at the monastery. As a result of our conversation the woman decided that she would walk her own path, and then she hugged me. That’s enough to make me blush.

From there we were able to have a conversation with Mayonah, she apparently is some sort of construct called an android. We learned a good deal from her and she offered to enhance us. We decided to skip that for the time being since the beds that would do that were not in top shape, to say the least. She showed us around the floor. She educated us on the items we had gathered, we learned about the flashlight and other technologies of the people called the Travelers, which were defeated a long time ago.

We met this Orc called Bracard that was being held in a chamber, he had been turned partially into a fungus creature. So much fungus here and this isn’t even the Underdark. She agreed to put him into stasis.

Next up we headed to the Medical Room where we found Jansha, a little Human girl that had one of her legs surgically removed. She was scared, but Beriah used some of his illusionary magic to calm her down. We decided that MaulSpike could carry her out of here. It is so sad to see what has happened to her, assuming we make it out of here I will find a cleric that can restore her leg. That might cost a lot, but I think it is the right thing to do.

In that same room there was this magic user, a male Elf who was out of it. Then we healed him and he became aware. He told us that he is a member of this secretive society called ‘Children of the Dove’. They fight a group known as ‘the Enemy’. Apparently history has been falsified about the second Dawn War and that the Red Knight is one of the true gods that can still be trusted, along with the Raven Queen. If we do come across his society he told us to give his name, Riceling.

Phoen revealed he had been asked to worship the Raven Queen, which is why I brought her up earlier. We also learned that Cyraka is being summoned by the cult not as he once was, but as an immortal for Zehir. We decided to take Riceling along with us. Mayonah grabbed medical supplies from the room, then we headed to the elevator room.

There were wires hanging down that we needed to repair. Darrack shined the flashlight onto a seeing orb like thingy, apparently this is the device that let us see this room earlier. Also, there were light blue lights next to all the names of the floors, except the Engineering floor which was a dark blue.

Anyway, Phoen opened the ceiling with his ax so I could climb up there and look for where the wire needed to be plugged in. The short of it, Beriah used a ritual to repair the coupling and I got shocked while helping with plugging things in and it hurt a lot. The elevator was repaired and we headed to the next floor.

And the next room was spherical, with mud and stink, and ramps to the right and left. There were four doors. And standing in the room are these reptilian humanoid creatures, but who cares because I think I smell Troglodytes. Alright, time to turn around! Somehow I think if I suggested that to the rest of the Party they will think I have lost my mind.


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