Lady Lisheke

Mayor's Wife-Leader of Lorlea


Lisheke is the leader of Lorlea.

She is a retired adventurer. Her husband Jadar Warden was killed by their daughter Tressa Rogue.

She hires the PCs to find her husband and daughter and to find out about what is happening with missing villagers and people acting strangely in the village.

She is desperate to save the town. Her husband believed strongly in the teachings of Nicea and she has no intention of giving up on her husband’s dream.

Her husband disappeared months ago and she was left in charge. He took a squad in search of the Lizardmen, as they had gotten aggressive and were attacking caravans heading to/from the village. They also raided the village for supplies and killed/injured people.

He did not return. Her daughter was put in charge of group of Militia to find out where the missing went. But she also disappeared and no one came back.

She sent adventurers (two-hafling and dwarf) with local Militia to find daughter but they never returned. Here position of power within the town became weak…with no standing army and few true warriors.

She was desperate and hired Goblins. But they were lazy and were putting people in jail and they are not returned…but Lisheke did not have much power…plus they were doing what she asked. And Lizardman attacks stopped.

During this whole time (since the initial Lizardmen attacks) people disappeared and not been seen from. They appeared to be leaving because of the attacks and danger. All very suddenly. But then many were returning…and go back to what they were doing.

But people were suspicious of each other, the goblins, everything.

Nenus, a priest of Nicea spreads rumors about a creature in the forest. He says its of great evil. She has no idea if this is true but knows that some villagers believe it.

The players eventually defeat Morsiphian…earning a quest reward from her.

They also save the village from the cult of the Midnight Serpent and their plans to poison the village. The players tell Lisheke that both Tressa and her husband Jadar are dead…earning another quest reward.


Lady Lisheke

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