Champions of Tymeria


Day 3

Day 3 (January 9th, 2016)

I regret spending too much time playing dice and card games with the Wilden and woke up with a touch of a hangover. It was decided that I would stay behind this time to help protect the Wilden camp while the others went off in search of Tressa. It was a lovely peaceful day and the Wilden are interesting – they showed me some herbs and plants that I can eat and which ones not to eat.

I whittled a little wooden figurine of the elder. It was nice to clean my gear and sharped my weapons and get battle ready once more, but also to stretch and climb some trees and such as well. It was early in the evening when the group returned – they were victorious over Tressa but needed some assistance opening her book. It was a simple trap but would have been very dangerous had one of my companions decided to open it on their own.

Once opened it appeared it was actually her Journal. It detailed her life moving from the village to the capital and how she got involved with Zahir and the cultists. The other being on the island turned out to be a Chimera. I had never seen one in person before – I would not want to be on the bad side of a Chimera. The regal beast interacted with us and giving us some amazing gifts. But of course shortly thereafter told us to leave and not to return. We were not going to argue of course so we picked up our gear and started back to the village.

While packing up the gear I realize that Jacob is not there, but in his place a Deva. Drago explained that during the trek through the woods to Tressa they found Barriah being attacked by some creatures. They of course fought them off. Jacob started hearing voices in his head that told him to touch the magical book from Lugun and when Drago went to pass the book to him as soon as his fingers touched it he vanished. This truly is a strange land and we need to be cautious at all times. Barriah agreed it would be best to stay with us and he was instrumental in overcoming Tressa.

We reached the clearing with the restored temple and finally rested. Drago did the full ritual with the book and all we heard was Jacobs voice saying he was safe and to continue with our quest. He will spread the tales of our incredible adventures.


RobertDM RobertDM

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