Champions of Tymeria

The Pyramid (continued 5)

Nanami's Journal Entry

September 3, 2016

Nanami reflects on her adventures so far, writing down in her journal…

Here we are again, still in the Pyramid of much evilness. A bit of exciting news, the Red Knight appeared in front of us again and told us that the Pyramid was built in order to imprison a powerful being. And the pyramid is part of an ongoing war. She warned of dangers up ahead for the whole lot of us, yay? Well, at least there is more exploring to do, plus there will be a neat thing coming up, but I am telling this story in order.

We once again separate from members in the party, Beriah and a few others went to talk with the new ogre pal of ours. And my good friend Windy showed back up. Apparently she was abducted by some of the Snake Folk. I am a little worry about what they did to her; I hope she is able to recover fully. But we must press onward. There is a world at stake.

We get to this door without a handle or knob; voice spoke out about ignorance. Windy solved the riddle by closing her eyes, plugging her ears, and walking into the door. The rest of us did the same and met with similar results. And by similar I mean we went through the door.

We get into this small room with a bunch of doors. Windy and I looked about, trying to figure out how to get through the next door. It was magically sealed or something. Anyway, Darrack and Phoen decide to use the exciting method of bashing through the door, but that didn’t work because each time they did that a new door appeared behind the bashed door.

Windy tried the walk through the door trick again with her eyes shut, but that didn’t work. Then I decided we should try and put out the touches and see if that work; which sadly it did not. However, I got the idea that maybe we had to look at the other doors to solve this riddle. After experimenting with the other doors we unlocked the one we had been trying to get through!

We went through a hallway to a room with stairs around a square shaft. The stairs, though wide, their treads were narrow, but that would be the least treacherous thing about them. The second set of them shifted toward the pit, making it very dangerous to move up them. So Windy and the gang worked out this rope system to help us keep our balance.

During all this we ended up in combat with this flying statue thingies and a Snake Lady. Windy was very upset to see this woman and said she looked like the people that abducted her. She kinda lost it, it was a bit disturbing, I don’t really see her like this too often… or ever. Well, the lady escapes by turning invisible and we make our way to the second floor.

The first room we got into was this short hallway made of smooth grey metal with panels of lighter materials above. There was a pile of metal junk to our left. A door was in front of us, it was made of that smooth grey metal. There were these lights by the door. Windy put her hand on it and opened up the door. We found ourselves in another hallway.

Then after that one we got to a room with metal cages that looked like they were crushed or something, we bones of a long dead animal in one of them. Those bones turned to dust as soon as they were touched. Windy and I looked through the rumble and she found some strange items. Some sort of gripper blacksmith tongs thingy, a weird pick tool, and a silver disk.

This room had another one of those metal doors with the magic light to the side of it. I went to open it this time, but it didn’t work. That was disappointing, enough to make me cry thinking about it. Well not literally cry, but that metaphorical kind. Windy used the keycard to open the door. I hoped that made her smile a little bit inside, seeing me fail at opening a door and she getting us through another door.

Anyway, the door opened up to this vast cavernous room filled with sand. In fact, it was so big that it looked like we had walked into a desert. Looking around at the top of the room there was this grey dome that had bits broken, and showed a sky through it. Either that or the bits that were broken were the grey and the sky was some sort of illusion, it was hard to tell. There was also a cool breeze that came through the room.

We got to tracking the people who had been captured and were being taken to the machine, we think. Which was a bit of a trick with tracks being all around us, but Phoen found the right ones. As we moved along we noticed cliffs to our right and humanoid bones in the ground. We went around a dune and saw caves in the distant. There was a brief battle with four armed skeletons, Phoen and I each took out one of them. I took their swords, might be able to do things with those.

As we traveled farther I noticed a patch of boney hands that were grabbing out. It was some sort of weak necromancy magic where these skeletons were not fully animated, but they would try to grab passer byes. That is when I decided to treat those hands like the undergrowth of the jungle and used the sword I got from the four armed skeleton to slash away at any thick patches of those hands.

However, there were skeletons that were fully animated that starting popping up from the sand. We were being swarmed so we decided to make for a tactical withdraw to the caves in the distant. This tactic dumbstruck the skeletons long enough for use to get enough distance between them and us. We were pretty much out of sight before they realize to give chase. Then we got to the cave with light coming from within it.

Going into the cave we found the most extraordinary of things, evidence for an unknown civilization of four armed humanoids!!! That probably explains the four armed skeletons we saw and fought. Anyway, the evidence I speak of were these paintings on the wall and ancient tools littered about the cave. In another area of the caverns there was a painting of the four armed people looking at a bright object in the sky.

We also found this weird, metallic, insect creature fellow by the name of Anaxion. He was some sort of construct and could speak with us. It turned out the four armed people were indeed turned into skeletons. And it was because of their leader that reached out to an ancient power or god of sorts. He also explained that the disk is a battier that powers different kinds of devices.

Anyway, he took us to the next place we needed to go; apparently his lamp keeps the skeletons at bay. We made our way and ran into this really strange and creepy guy named Neogi the Reaver. He looked like a giant insect monster with the face of an elf. He talked of needing blood, but only a little would be needed, so we gave him a bottle worth of our blood.

Then my party made a deal with him for more information by promising to bring back live cultists. That only adds to the creepiness of this man. I mean, he was creepier than that shadow figure I saw that one time backstage at the Kiki Theater. When Clara and I investigated all we were able to find was a patch of floor covered in ice. We also heard some whispering, which unnerved me, but not Clara. Now I shudder with two creepy things running through my mind. Alright, need to get back to the story at hand.

Well, Neogi drank the blood and his face looked no longer dried out. He gave us information and we parted ways. Then Anixoin toke us to the next tunnel. There was an illusionary wall in the cavern. Before leaving he gave use a locket with the image of a mother and baby daughter inside of it. The name on it is Chaney. He didn’t know much about it, but now I will keep an eye out for anybody by the name of Chaney.

So we continued on into another metal room with complex machines. Windy fixed some of the damaged wires to keep us from getting shocked by them. The next room had a glass top table and a metal desk with a pillar of purple next to it. It projected an image of the desert back from a long time ago. We could tell because the ceiling wasn’t broken in this image. Then a button was pushed and a voice heard.

After that we decided to move on to the next room. This room was like the others in material, though there were paintings on the wall that looked quiet out of place and recent. It had writings on it and seemed to be prayers to some force referred to as ‘shadow in the sand’. This apparently is the long gone god Taerdrex. The writing was a mix of awe and frustration, making it seemed like the writer was cursed by this being.

We then met this four armed guy named Hetuteh, the leader who got his people cursed in the first place, as well as himself. Talking with him it became apparent he was not happy at all, which makes sense if you cursed your people. The conversation started breaking down when at the moment I remembered a historical event with parallels to what he was going through.

The story I told was about the event took place west of my homeland, centuries ago. There was a town where the mayor, she had made a deal with being known as ‘the great spider’ or something similar to that name. The creature helped the mayor defeat the monsters invading the town only to turn the people into monsters. Then a group of heroes came by and were able to lift the curse by defeating some sort of monstrous spider creature thingy.

This story gave him some hope, I think. He decided to help us and gave my group a black card that opens doors, a bunch of gold, and some magic boots, called Free Step Boots. We gave them to Phoen.

Then we used the black card to get to the next level. We entered into this small cylinder room with buttons. The buttons were labeled 4 Engineering, 3 Science, 2 Crew Deck, and 1 Docking. The only floor we were able to reach using this strange elevator was the science level. The bottom two were light up red and the top one was flashing red. Well, maybe we could have reached them, but red lights seemed to indicate otherwise. Or at least that is what I remembered.

Anyway, we made it to the next level and found ourselves in a new room. This room had a round table, black couches, and dry, splattered blood on the floor and wall. On the walls were these clear material things with lights on some of them, some sort of giant artificial pods. Then a small metal construct comes out and inspected us. He didn’t really answer any of our questions. He said he had something interesting for us and then he opened up one of those odd pods, out came a rhino man. We could hope he wants to dance, but that’s not likely. What the heck kind of place is this?!


Character Points earned (5)-out of possible 5 (Nanami)

The Pyramid (continued 5)

Thanks for the read! It allows me to catch up on what I missed out on last time.

The Pyramid (continued 5)

You’re welcomed Adam!

The Pyramid (continued 5)
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