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The Pyramid (continued 4)

Nanami's Journal Entry

July 9, 2016

Nanami reflects on her adventures so far, writing down in her journal…

So we talked with the lizard folk, Jubay, the one that was throwing fireballs at us through mirrors. Apparently he is really afraid of where we want to head to, a place under the control of the followers of Vecna. Yay, undead evil people to fight! Sigh.

After discussing what to do with Jubay it is decided we will bring him along. The party still seems a bit miffed about the whole fireball thing, but clearly he was doing it against his will so I have already forgiven him. Besides, he might turn out to be a good ally in our fight against evil.

Anyways, we made our way to the area controlled by Vecna followers. The first room we tried listening at the door and we heard nothing. So we announced ourselves and we still heard nothing, so like we do we open the door. I love when doors get open. Except in the cases where something horrible comes out. But in this case we have come across a creepy dark room with pillars and statues. That’s always fun to explore.

The room was divided by a series of columns into four section. Each of the sections had a statue in the middle lighten up, but the rest of the area was surrounded in darkness, some sort of magical darkness. Between the rolls of pillars there was light. The statue to our right was of a vampire. A really fascinating room, but we quickly found ourselves under attack. Somebody was hiding in the darkness attacking us.

The cleric, Darrack, bravely went into the darkness to see who was attacking us. The darkness, it turned out, was magical. Anyway, he ended up in a conversation with this skeleton spellcaster that wore skulls around his neck, three of them. He started asking Darrack all sorts of questions in a very calm manner. There were also little vampire like humanoid creatures swarming in the darkness.

Also, some of us realized the statues in the room had magical properties. Beriah was able to get control over the statue to our right, but he was unable to dispel the darkness. I got an idea to pray to the spirits and gods to remove the darkness, and it worked around the vampire statues. The spirits of nature grew grass from the stone itself, transforming it to a strange sort of grassy meadow. Very neat!

Well, anyway, the battle went on and Darrack was knocked out, but Drago came to the rescue. And while that was going on the skull guy was disappointed by Darrack because he wanted to ask him more questions. Meanwhile, these skeleton warriors started attacking us on the right side from the darkness that remained in most of the room.

Then we all got the idea of charging to the baddies on the left. The cleric went whoosh, smashing into the skull guy with his holy ax of power. It looked like the skull guy was going to go down, but one of his skulls exploded and healed him or something. It was like some sort of witchdoctor magic. Anyways, we ended up surrounding the leader.

Oh, and Raagar used his druidic magic to summon a giant frog that hit one of the skeletons with his tongue and dragged it too him. We continued piling on the leader. I manage to land a well-placed strike against Mr. Skull Guy and the frog got the last whack.

After all that we inspected the statues and searched the room. Beriah, Drago, Darrack, and Persephene worked on cleansing the statues and removing the darkness. Then we worked out how to move the statues to overlap with the boons they imparted on the controllers. Also, a merchant had shown up that had escaped capture. Well, sort of, I’ll get back to him later. Anyway, we learned that Yellow Fang was in the Pyramid.

Anyways, the ambush we decided to set up for Akalada the Yellow Fang looked like it would be pretty good. Drago had used a potion, I think, to turn invisible. Raagar transformed into a spider to hide on one of the pillars. I and a few others hid behind pillars and statues. We had Jubay “tied up” to one of the columns as bait, and the cleric pretend to be unconscious on the floor. Which now that I think about it is odd since he was already in the position earlier and you might think one would not want to pretend to go through that again, but it’s all part of the trap.

Sigh. Well it turned out the merchant was really Akalada in disguise, an illusion spell. She started attacking, but I didn’t notice it at first because she was so stealthy, instead we had lizard folk that showed up. Well, they were invisible, but once they started attacking it broke their invisibility that was casted on them.

What followed was a long battle in which Persephene at one point summoned her own darkness. And Darrack asked for help from the Red Knight, causing two of the columns in front of one of the doors to collapse, partially blocking lizard reinforcements. Beriah shored up the defenses by casting one of his lightning spells, that one that creates the orbs that shock enemies when they get near.

At some point Akalada disappears. Phoen goes over to the other door in the room, hearing force marching in the hallway. I joined him, going into the hallway to find lizard folk marching captured people into another room down the hallway. I tried to fight through them, but they were quick agile buggers. More of my friends poured into the hallway and we managed to fight through the minions into the next room.

In the next room there were even more of Akalada’s lackeys that we had to take down. On the other side of this room were two smaller doors, separated by this wall that bulged out, both doors went into the next room.

Getting into the next room there were even more of those cursed followers we had to fight through. However, there was this giant ogre who it turned out was blind. The reason for this became apparent when this half snake lady with snake hair slithered out of a pile of garbage. From my adventuring, I guess she was some sort of medusa.

But even as this was going another enemy came slithering from the hallway to attack our backside. It was this giant constricting snake monster. Phoen and Raagar fought with it while the rest of us focused in on the Ogre and Snake Trash Lady. It was looking pretty dire, but once again the cleric was able to call upon the Red Knight to aid us. An image of the knight appeared and launched a mighty fireball at the medusa.

With one enemy down, it looked like we might have it a bit easier, that was until Akalada showed up. So many snakes, so many snakes, I am thinking the snake spirits our upset with me. Or maybe they aren’t upset with me, maybe it’s a sign they are in trouble, some sort of out of balance thing. It was like when we had swarm of dragonflies in Seto. Apparently there was a really weird cult doing bizarre experiments with insects and that got the dragonfly spirits all upset. But that’s not what I am writing about, sometimes I can’t help to lose track.

Anyway, we knocked out the ogre and killed the giant snake. This allowed us to focus on Akalada and finally defeat her, this time she wasn’t able to slip away.

It turned out the Ogre survived and wants now to join with use. I think he took a liking to Beriah. After the fight we searched the bodies and the area. We discovered that she, Yellow Fang, had a room with treasures and trophies of her victims. My friends ran across equipment they had given up in order to get into the Fey Wild.

We also discovered something really disturbing. She had killed our friend, the White Dragon. I was thrown off when somebody suggested we use his scales to make some sort of armor. No, I am not having that, we are to bury him outside the Pyramid. We need to hold up our part of the deal even though he is dead. Sigh. The real question is if I can get my teammates to realize we need to do this.

I am really starting to hate Zehir.


Character Points earned (4)-out of possible 5 (Nanami)

The Pyramid (continued 4)
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