Champions of Tymeria

The Fey Swamp

Adventuring Through the Swamp (Nanami)

April 30th, 2016

Nanami ends up going through a secret door, getting herself separated from the rest of the group. She explores the secret passage way, and after a few adventures Nanami finds her way back to the group via a backdoor to the Fey Realm. There she meets a barbarian Goliath who she befriends. Her party tells her about their quest to find keys into order to get into a pyramid with a device that has to be disabled.

The group rests and Nanami tells them the story of how she became a monk. She recounts the story of Rei and how she led a party that rescued her from Troglodytes.

The next day Nanami and the rest of the party buy some supplies and make their way through the murky, misty swamps of the Fey Realm.

Nanami asks the others “how will we find the keys?” which Persephene answers with ‘so far we have found them by tripping over them.’ To this Nanami trips to see if that would work, but it only ends up hurting her head.

The party comes across a group of Harpies and a male Drow. The Harpies need to feed and Nanami thinks to offer them turkey jerky, which doesn’t seem to be what they want. Then the other party members try to offer gold, but that goes poorly and a fight breaks out. During this fight, Fingers, nearly drowns in quicksand, some of the Harpies fly away, and the Drow surrenders.

The party decides to let the Drow live in exchange for him giving up his weapons and boots, and also helping to rescue Fingers from drowning, and also Nanami makes him promise not to attack people anymore. They party debates over taking the Drow’s home, but decides to let him keep it. Also, there is a Harpy chick in one of the rooms.

After this the party continues their way through the swamp, with the Wizard using a ritual to make traveling through the swamp a bit easier. Nanami notes how the swamp smells like her grandmother’s farm. As the group moves along they spot a rainbow and discover it leads to a house. In the house are three monstrous humanoid figures summoning a devil. The barbarian goes to tap the hag casting the spell on the shoulder. The three explain they are trying to right a wrong. And the party decides to help them.

Persephene and the wizard help the woman with the ritual. Nanami offers her a healing potion, seeing how see is struggling, looking physically weakened. When the devil starts to appear in the room the barbarian smashes it with his weapon. Nanami decides to ask for his side of the story and realizes this devil is a liar. The wizard takes control of the ritual and commands the devil to remove the curse he has placed upon the three monstrous humans. Once done the party sees the three turn back into their Eladrin forms. The woman and her children are grateful and offer the party a reward.

At this point the rainbow moves away from the house and the party gives chase. They run into a Leprechaun. This is the first time Nanami has seen him, but the party has come across him before. He gives them a key and the party continues traveling until dark. They make camp and try to rest for the night.

During their rest the party is attacked by strange insects with human faces, as well as, giant ants. They are led by a strange ant queen, part humanoid and part giant ant. After the battle they spare her life and learn about her. She is a Hybrid of a Shadar-Kai female and Giant Ant Queen. She tells the party about what little she knows. The party decides to rest up before continuing through the swamp.


Character Points earned (4)-out of possible 5

The Fey Swamp
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