Champions of Tymeria

The Corruption on the Island

Day 2

Day 2 never seems to end (December 19th, 2015)

There is an area that the Wildens say they never go because it is very corrupted and gives off an aura of plain evil. Secquir says he can help us when we fight Tressa by giving us four of his best warriors. We thank him but we also decide that we don’t want to leave the group of wilden unprotected so Carrik and Kuora agree to stay behind to keep them safe.

We continue on to where we believe Tressa’s camp to be. Drago stumbled into a tree and one of the large birds swooped down narrowly missing the top of his head and then the flock fly off in another direction. Nenus says he doesn’t feel the Handyman has been here but Tressa has. From here we believe travelling north will lead us to the Handyman and Tressa is to the west. We head off along the beach, not quite ready to enter the forest. As we walk Drago gets a strange psychic message that he needs to check the book of Lugun. We pause for a much needed meal and Drago shows us the new entry in the book.

…Complete these Quests in Lugun’s name and be awarded…

1. Convince the villagers of Lorlea to migrate to Tymeria.

2. Destroy the unnatural beast terrorizing the town of Lorlea.

3. Stop the cult of the midnight Serpent’s activities within Lorlea.

4. Locate the facility in the Feywild and halt Zehir’s expansion

5. Eliminate the threats to Lorlea and allow for continued trade and expansion for the village

Since it is still our second day on the island we might as well check at least one thing off the list right? We pack up our meager meal and keep travelling along the path along the beach. The path starts to lead into the forest and the trees look sick.

The further we follow the path into the woods the trees become sicker, wrapped in darkness and appear lifeless. Drago senses the evil that is radiating through this area where even the birds don’t fly and no small creatures can be heard scurrying through the leaves. The four wilden hunters say they don’t go in here as it is “bad”.

We continue on down the path and find a clearing littered with ruins. It is misty and we can all feel the evil in these malicious woods. Nenus cries out that something is really wrong. With that we shake our heads to dispel the illusion. There is a large black tree in the center of the clearing with thorny vines. We spot an old monolith that is covered in ancient runes. The area smells of rot and decay and the aura of evil

can be felt by us all and it is almost painful with misery and despair. We get asked three questions in our minds that we are compelled to answer individually

1. Are you morally obligated to help people?

2. If you knew your favorite food could cure people but if anyone found out you would never be able to get it again would you tell anyone?

3. Would you give up your life to save someone you were sworn to protect?

At least we didn’t have to say our answers aloud – my own answers while they are my

truth may not please some of the other members of the group. We try to come up with a strategy as there is the large tree in the center, but also what we presume to be a swarming bush of Twig Blights and three abyssal scavenger spawns. The fight is long and the waves of evil aura really made it hard to get close to the evil trees.

When we through all hope was lost the four wilden came to our rescue and seeing them overcome the evil helped us all to swing harder and shoot straighter. Once the large tree was slain the forest around us started to change and the tree itself started to turn green and healthy. We could feel the overwhelming evil aura dissipate and a feeling of happiness washed over the area. Drago and Nenus walked the clearing and blessing the area to remove any remaining pockets of evil.

We did find a couple magical arrows. I pocketed a twig from the evil tree. My trophy collection is getting strange – snake skins, feathers and twigs – what a couple days we have had here. We turn our attention to the monolith and in Elven and Draconic we can read about the Celestial Order, the power of the Fey and the Lore of this place. The Wilden said that the large tree is a portal to their world but they cannot access it.

It seems there is further corruption that may need to be removed from the island before the portal once again would be accessible. We agree that Tressa seems to be the major source of the corruption and she is the next task we need to complete. As we travel to her camp it is getting darker and we spot a campfire in the distance. Persephone and I snuck up to see what we can see and we realize that this day isn’t going to end without one more battle. The undergrowth around the camp is charred and burnt away.

In the center of the camp is a very small cramped cage that looks like it is made of twisted tree roots coming from the earth. Inside the cage is a human that is slumped on the floor and doesn’t look like they will survive much longer without our help. The cage is guarded by a large metal like snake. There are also short gnomish looking creatures that are dark and have a cruel appearance to their faces.

As well as a creature with horns and hooves that looks like a satyr. We hurry back to the group where we plan to make a distraction to get healing to the trapped man as soon as possible. The grass provides cover for our Wilden hunters and myself as we try to flank the guards. When the tide of the battle shifted to our favor the satyr and a couple of the remaining gnomish humanoids surrender to us. We are just in time for the poor man in the cage and are able to resuscitate him. We interrogate the creatures and learn that Tressa is southwest from here near the water.

She always has her guards and other allies with her and requires a boat to do the work she is doing. The Satyr says he has worked for the master of the island and he has lots of powers and dabbles in more than one kind of power. Tressa is trying to gain the power of the island. The tree portal has been corrupted for some time now and this is very frustrating for Tressa.

Man from the Cage – Voor told us he was travelling in a caravan that was ambushed and Tressa captured him and has been torturing him since. From what he has overheard he thinks Tressa is planning to sacrifice him. A long time ago the “Celestial Order” found out about the island and took it under their protection as it contains great power from the fey wild. The portal is a gate that leaves to a nexus portal to other portals so the Celestial Order do not want that power to fall into the wrong hands. Tressa has been using the portal to get to the “facility”. He overheard her talking about


a Ritual she is going to perform in 5 days in the name of Zahir. Voor is a member of the Celestial Order and says they have been protecting the portal that was used during the Second War. Voor needs to get back to the order to tell them what has been happening. He thanks us for saving him and makes us all Honorary Members of the Celestial Order. We agree that we didn’t want to sleep here, so we head back to the Wilden camp and finally get some rest.


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