Champions of Tymeria

Plans to be Made

Day 2

Day 2 – Plans to be made (Saturday November 21st, 2015)

Sleeping in an inn should be safe right? Well…I guess not. It was a good thing that Drago and Carrik were taking watch as of course nothing has been as expected since we landed on this horribly oppressive continent. Drago heard something at the door and what sounded like whispers from the one wall of our room. Thankfully Drago and Carrik woke most of us up and we were not completely surprised when a side of the wall opened. However I and Nanami were truly not expecting the floor to disappear underneath us as we plummeted 35 feet to the ground below.

Nanami showed that cats do land on their feet rolling as she touched the floor and ending up in a cat stance to survey our new surroundings. I on the other hand landed doing a Halfling belly flop on the floor below – I guess I need to work on that a little more. Things got absolutely crazy from there. With only Nanami and myself in the cavern below and everyone else still in the Inn above we were all engaged with unexpected foes.

I don’t know too much about the fight in the inn – only what Jacob recounted…but again how do you know when a Bard is telling the story and when they are “making great history come alive”. Drago was up there too, so I know most of the story to be true…Paladins just can’t tell a lie to save their lives after all…his little finger fidgeting of his holy symbol is always a dead giveaway that something isn’t quite right. So the Inn keeper which I have another name for her but would not be fitting to put into writing came out of the hidden wall section along with some other humans wielding ropes, and other weapons.

The team did a great job finishing them off even keeping one hostage alive for questioning. Andoriel on the other hand obviously didn’t want to be quested and with a final praise to her god jumped to the cavern below ending her life. As she jumped she screamed out “I have served the great Zahir well and will be reborn”. Back to Nanami and me…we were unpleasantly greeted by at least 5 lizard men. Most of them standing or hiding behind large stacks of crates.

There was water pouring into a pool behind us and the eerie sound of snakes hissing from all directions. We were fighting the good fight until even more lizard men joined in. Right around the time we though all might be lost our friends came to the rescue. Persephone which I now know is not fond of snakes, and especially snakes in water used the ladder to rain arrows down onto our foes. Drago took a different approach and did a swan dive from the Inn above and like Nanami did a much better job landing than I did.

One of the lizard men just as he was expiring shouted “Praise Zehir and open the chutes”. I didn’t think much of it until the water pouring into the pool started getting faster, and the sound of water could be coming from other areas in the cavern we had not yet explored. The tides turned once more when the floor/ceiling reappeared closing us off from the remainder of the group still in the Inn. The water levels continued to rise and as it covered the floor the sound of snakes got louder as well.

Hundreds of sea snakes came up out of the pool and from the tunnels in the caverns as well as more lizard men and a couple really, really, really, large snakes. Did I say how large those snakes were? Just wow…big snakes. Drago came up with a great strategy to let me use his shield as a boat so I could shoot arrows and he could take care of the lizards and snakes. Nanami fell in battle but we were able to rescue her in time.

The team in the Inn was able to get the floor/ceiling to reopen and Kuora came into the water with us as well. The last of the largest lizardmen taunted us just before he died “ Zahir will destroy all of you”. We thought that might actually happen until Nanami and I were able to figure out the 3 levers which emptied the water from the room. The levers lowered part of the floor that from what we could see opened into an underground river that we will explore later after a much needed rest.

When the water drained away we also found a large chest that had some nice loot in it. What a way to start our second day in Urea. In all the excitement we realized that Bane was gone, I guess we have just added another mystery to solve. Last we know he finished first watch and went to the bar for a drink and some food but never returned. We searched the Inn and the grounds and there was no sign of him.

With no sign of Bane we turned to question our prisoner. His name is Breodin and he is from Deadland (which we know now is another name for the Capital). He was brought here by Tressa a couple weeks ago to help collect human slaves. Breodin has a strange affect talking in monotone and an almost dazed look in his eyes. When he is prompted about details of Tressa and her plans he gets very agitated.

When threatened for information he broken into a chant “The midnight serpent will devour the sun and wrap his coils around the mortal world and cover all in eternal darkness”. He does provide use with a little more information. Since he is a slave runner his team was in charge of taking the captives down the river.

This was the third time theyhave utilized this floor trap, and this is not the first town they have done this at either. Tressa left town to go to Deadland a few weeks ago and they expect her back any time now. She should be returning by caravan. When pressed for any information beyond that his response was simply…It is Zahirs will. Knowing we will get nothing further we leave him bound in a locked room. The night guard rotation will keep an eye on him. After piling it all up – we found a nice pile of loot and even skinned the snakes for a later time…I fell asleep dreaming of snake skin boots.


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