Champions of Tymeria

Lorlea Village aginst Us

Day 4

Day 4 (January 16th, 2016)

We awoke to the spirit ghost in the camp – he bowed deeply to us and smiled as he disappeared. It was a great feeling to know we helped bring his spirit to peace. As we finished our morning meal we started deciding what our next move should be. We know the goblins told us we only had one day in town and that is long since over.

We also need to know what has happened since we left. Barriah has the ability to send an animal messenger to Gerald Roy to get him to come and speak with us. The squirrel scampered off towards the village. We waited a few hours until we noticed a young male was approaching the camp. He was very nervous but definitely wasn’t Gerald Roy. His name is Locks and he said Gerald Roy sent him.

The town is on high alert looking for us. Rumors are being spread that we killed the bar keep and tried to destroy the inn. They conveniently left out the part that they attacked us first and the entire floor trap and the lizards. The Inn has been boarded up and the townsfolk are doing patrols on their own as well as coordinating patrols with the goblins. Locks heads back to town and we know Gerald Roy will no longer help us, in fact he warned that we leave and not come back to the town at all.

What do we do now? Of course we are not abandoning the town – we swore to help them and we will continue to do that whether they want us to or not. We decided to see if we can take out some of the goblins in the forest before going to rescue the people in the Barracks. We stashed some gear in the clearing that was too heavy to carry quietly and quietly made our way around to where we initially met the goblins in the spider camp. We were disheartened to find the camp empty and cold – it doesn’t look like they came back here after taking us to the village. We snuck a little closer to town and witnessed the humans and goblins patrolling together. Now what?

We decide it might be safer to send Nenus into town to talk to lady Lisheka. To help support our story we gave him the logbook from the cultists as well as Tressas Journal. It seems like forever before Nenus returned to us. He relayed that Lady Lisheka believes us and was saddened to learn of the fate of her husband and daughter. The rumors in town were started by constable Lard as he was there when they boarded up the Inn. Lady Lisheka is trying to help us but there has been a lot of tension in town since the fight at the Inn and people are turning up dead. Priva the captured barmaid was found dead in town as well as one of the farmers’ wives. We settle in for the night and try to agree on what to do next. How do you help a town that doesn’t want help?


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