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From Tymeria to Urea (Pilgrimmage)

Saturday, November 07, 2015

We made it to Corville. It is a large wealthy port city in Tymeria. I was quite impressed with the hustle and bustle of the town. Of Course Drago just wanted to keep pushing on to locate the temple…Paladins. It was quite easy to find the temple and shrine of Lugun – just a little southwest of the city. It was in the center of a wooded clearing and obviously well-tended Oh the people milling around one immediately caught my eye.

She was a young red-haired halfling much like myself sitting next to the shrine disinterested in the task of interviewing the would be heroes that were answering the call for adventurers. The skill in which she twirled the dagger in her hands let me know she was more than capable of defending herself against any that would be casually dismissed from the quest at hand. She did take a second look at our group – but we get many second looks due to the odd assortment of races, arms and armor we display.

The priestess didn’t take us seriously until Drago held out his holy symbol of Lugun and pledge not just his but all of our service to help the temple in their quest.

The quest:

The quest is explained to us as more of an information gathering and almost rescue mission to save those that are being oppressed in the country of Urea. Drago looked pleased with this noble quest and of course we all have our own reasons to go along. The journey will take three weeks by boat and they only send one boat every three months. So this will not just be a quick task to complete. We are also informed that if we miss the boat when it returns we will have to wait three months longer as the boat only stays one day and as she previously mentioned only goes out every three months. So we had better keep good track of our time so we don’t get stranded there longer than necessary.

The priestess gave us a ritual book and a blessed journal so we can magically communicate with her and be rewarded for our deeds. She did warn that the book knows if we are telling the truth in our tales so I think it would be best if Jacob doesn’t do the recording as some of his tales take on some of the most exaggerated details…but then again that is the job of a Bard to make even the most boring of tasks seem like a mighty adventure and tale worth telling.

The boat leaves in three days so we must get prepared for our journey. Three weeks on a boat – just what will I need? The preparations:

Three days in a large robust city may seem like a good time, but I think we were all trying to get focused on the task that it was a little frustrating to find our way around. So we tried to find out a little more about Urea, the slaves that are being held there and maybe a side job or two just to make this trip financially beneficial.

Background on Urea:

Urea is a dark evil place that has many wars. The government is unstable and it is generally considered unsafe to travel. Bane is the main ruling god. When our Bane heard this we could all tell that he was loving this – his plan is to take over and rule it himself.

The government in Urea consists of Oath Takers which are like knights and the system of ruling is based on challenges and assassinations. Only powerful and rich stay long in office.

There are stories of abominations that roam the land.

There is a province named Arriack which is where our boat will land and the starting point for our journey in Urea. We also learned that the capital city in Arriack is Ishadar. Fort Bristol is near the capital and may be a place for us to check out when we get there.

Talking to a rescued slave:

We talked to Periell an old man that was brought back on one of the recent rescue missions. He has an interesting head tattoo that he states marked him as a slave. Puriell told us he was from Ishadar and escaped from his slave owner during transport from one slave market to another. He hid in the mountains until rescued by the Lugun priest adventurers nine months ago. He is still visibly terrified of Urea and the green and brown hairy creatures

that are the main rulers there.

Side Quest:

While looking for information about Urea we were approached by Ganos, a well-dressed man wearing fine blue clothing and an abundance of silver rings. He stated that a previous group had been sent to retrieve artifacts from Urea but they had not returned. They had purchased a “”/wikis/retrieve-crystall-compass" class=“wiki-page-link”> Crystal Compass" from the merchant Gerell (artifact dealer) in Ishadar. Ganos would like the artifact returned to him and to find out what happened to the previous group.

The group was made up of Nogu (half orc), Mialee (elf), Helga (dwarf), Micha (human) and Wella (halfling). Ganos said he would pay us 1000gp and provide us with a magic item if we are successful in returning the “”/wikis/retrieve-crystall-compass" class=“wiki-page-link”> Crystal Compass" to him.

The boat ride:

Thankfully the three week boat ride was uneventful. I didn’t realize that Goliath’s could get seasick – but Kuora did take a little longer than the rest of us to get our “sea legs”.


We landed at a small cove with a sandy beach and completely hidden from view by large trees. The boat captain once again stated that he only waits one day and will return promptly in three months. This is the exact spot to be picked up, so we best be here on time. To ensure we were alone, safe and could remember the location we set up a protected camp. We took the rest of the day to build a permanent hidden camp so we could identify the pick-up location and have a safe place to hide in case of troubles during our journey in Urea. We all agreed that if we got separated from each other that we would use this camp as a meeting location.

Day 1 – always the longest day of any journey

While investigating the previous day Persephone and Bane found a well-worn path that lead along a large stream. We figured this was the best place to start and headed north along the river. We travelled for about six hours when we heard growling voices ahead. Persephone, Bane and myself are the quietest of the bunch so we ventured ahead to check out what was going on. We saw at least 3 large goblinoid creatures and some distinct webbing in the treetops.

We returned to the group and Persephone indicated that they were Goblins and since Jacob could speak with them we made a plan to send in the “noisy” ones with Persephone, Bane and myself to provide protection from the tree line.

Goblins in the clearing:

The group approached the largest of the goblins and we discovered there were actually nine of them. Some were lounging playing dice and drinking. The leader had a similar symbol that Periell had – but with 2 large dots. The leader had leather armor and a slimy black tail and hideous yellow eyes. We convinced them that they should take us to the village nearby so we could purchase supplies and lodging. The leader stated we would have to talk to the chief – which is where he led us.

He called to his “pet” giant spiders (3) and we crossed over a bridge to get into the village. The bridge had sentry post of goblins and we were given over to them to be taken to the chief – the goblins did interact with the sentry and some vague comments inquiring if we were “Part of the Cult”. We also learned that the chief is named Kagan.

The Village:

The village had many races, human children were playing in front of the millhouse and there was evidence of many farms. We passed the Dragons Loft Inn which had some humans walking around it. There were houses and other buildings, some appeared to be in use and others seemed abandoned. We headed northwest from a fork in the road that lead towards a river. We entered into a large well-kept building that appeared to be used as a barracks. This seems to be positioned in the outermost area of the town and protected by the river.


We were introduced to Kagan and his personal guard. He also bears the strange glowing yellow eyes. His skin and hair also had an unusual red tint to them. He also had a mark, but had 3 dots. We are beginning to suspect this may be some sort of rank that is given. Kagan seemed reluctant to let us stay in the village but Kuora issued him a challenge and when Kagan approached her she shoved him hard making him stubble backwards. Kagan seemed to appreciate this show of strength and granted us stay in the town for exactly one day.

Exploring the Village:

We decided to split into two teams – one to secure lodging and the other to purchase supplies.

Lodging Team:

The Dragons Loft Inn – innkeeper is Cham Porthey a Halfling that likes to stay close to his two dragonborn guards. He informs us that he does not have a room large enough for our entire group and to try the Long March Tavern which is over the river bridge which can be found by taking the north east fork of the road. He does seem a little distracted and does not offer too much information – when questioned further and revealing that we are not from the area, and offer assistance and that we are not in league with the goblins he mentions we should talk to Leishica.

She is the wife of the mayor of the town and recently hired the goblins after her husband never returned from a mission to save the town. Cham mentioned that a lot of people have gone missing lately or have been taken away by the goblins. In fact his barmaid Preva was just taken away yesterday by the goblins and is rumored to be held in the top floor of the barracks. She was accused of being a spy for the lizard men that are in the swamp areas outside of town. Cham also stated that caravans have been being attached lately as well. He said we can find Leishica by following the river to the north.

Supply Team

While looking for the store the group is approached by a young boy stating that “the Lady wishes to see you”. The group agrees and follows the boy to a large home beside the river. They see a couple of guards outside but are allowed entrance when the boy states that they are the ones she wanted to see.

Lady Lisheka:

Lady Lisheka is an older human that is well dressed but appears to be despondent and distressed. She tells a tale that she recently lost her husband Jadar and her daughter Tressa. They had gone off in search of why people kept going missing and to see if they could deal with the Lizardmen. People leave and some come back and some do not. Those that return act strangely. With the absence of her husband she hired the goblins to protect the town. This was helpful at first, but now they have been causing trouble of their own.

She also said they have been reports of strange creatures in the forest. The people in town are suspicious of everything. There were two other adventurers in town a while ago and she hired them to help. They also did not return. (The party recognized that they may be 2 out of the party that purchased the crystal compass). Lisheka offers the group a reward for information for putting an end to the troubles as well as any information that can be found about her husband and daughter.

The group agrees to help her and the town and head to find supplies and the rest of the party.

Meet up

We all meet up outside of Lady Lisheka’s home and compare stories of what has happened so far. We decide head toward the Long March Inn as this is where they can get lodging and the supply store is along the way. We found Trudjy’s General Store where Trudjy is alone and distracted about the creatures outside of town. She recalls a tale of a caravan that was recently attached and the only survivor is a guard that is recuperating in town. We purchase some various supplies but also some bear traps and lengths of chain.

We continue on to the Long March Tavern and speak with the bartender Andoriel, an incredibly beautiful Eladrin. She answered some questions about the goblin troubles but didn’t want to talk much further. She did point us in the direction of the caravan guard and provide us lodging for the evening.

Phaneth Ulzariss (dragonborn) was recuperating from a bad leg wound he suffered during the attack on the caravan. Carrick quickly tended to the wound, Phaneth was very grateful. He said the caravan was attached by a very fast creature that seemed to have more than two hands, but was unable to provide any more details as he was rendered unconscious after being thrown from the wagon.

Before returning to the inn for the night we visited Nenus who is a devote priest of Nicea. Nenus believes the creature in the woods is not natural and he has had several visions about it. He would like to accompany us to locate the creature as he has a ritual he believes would help to return the creature to where it belongs.

We returned to the Long March Tavern to formulate some plans for tomorrow and with the troubles in town thought it wise to rotate keeping watch – two at a time.


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