Champions of Tymeria

Encountering the Cult of the Midnight Serpent

Day 5

Day 5

Nenus agreed to go talk to Gerald Roy to try to get him to help us just get safely into town. Nenus returned alone with a message from Gerald Roy that we should leave town as the town is done. We only have until tomorrow and the village will be gone. We all agree that Nenus has done enough and send him home to protect him from the patrols looking for us.

We agree to try to sneak into the Inn when it gets dark. With lots of slow moving and sneaking around to avoid the patrols we made it to the Inn and managed to get inside. THE LEVER IS GONE! We couldn’t open the floor, all evidence of the lever and trap are gone…this is not at all what we expected to find. Nanami says she can determine where the water would have flowed beneath us.

We leave the Inn and head in the direction of the flow of water. While we are sneaking through town I caught the eye of Phanneth the dragonborn caravan guard we helped days ago. He said he is on our side and is trying to help. We ask him a bit about the town and find there might be an access point to the river. These is also one of the older buildings from the ruined ancient town that is not in use. We thank him and send him to Nenus for safety. We easily found the old building which appeared to be a temple to Armasteous an old god that has disappeared.

He was a greater god of humans that stood for victory and honor. We found a chest under the floor and with that was a ladder that descended into the ground. The ladder looked recently used. Nanami thinks the ladder could go down to where the river is – okay down into the creepy tunnel we go. We get down the ladder and are standing on a ledge with the river running swiftly past us.

There is a wooden door and appears to not be trapped. There is a putrid rotting smell coming from beyond the door. Drago opens the door and we enter into a massive chamber that looks like it was burnt and areas are crumbling. The rooms looks like an old ruins from a lot time past with imagines of some forgotten gods and some destroyed alters. We also notice we are not alone in the room there are flying snakes, lizard men and at least one wizard.

We took out the evil creatures but the wizard was able to get through a door and get away. We needed to rest and heal up so we spiked the doors for protection and did a short rest. We set off to investigate one door – leaving the other spiked. We found a room with 12 sarcophagus in the room. There were images of a battle between good and evil. The one pillar had writing on it. “The corrupter as we named him goes by many names Hazrial, Typhan, Imbugood” We know that Armastrius is the knight in the image and Pazuzu was the demon.

We found a secret door that opened into a chamber were it appears a ritual was being conducted. There is a large pool of pulsating blood giving off intense heat next to the priest. There is a pit in the room full of screaming people. As we killed the creatures in the room their blood spilled out andmoved towards the pool of blood and the pool would tremble and looked to get more powerful.

We killed the priest and he called out VECKNA HELP ME as he collapsed. There was a door that would open and more enemies would come into the room – we blocked it open and found a large demon in a portal. He called to us that he was not here to fight. “I am Intugood and the forces you are fighting fight against me as well. If you need me call my name” With that the portal closed.


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