Wella's Journal

The first part of the journal is found in Jagwood Forest. The journal belonged to Wella, who is on of the member’s of an adventuring party that was sent on a pilgrimage like the PCs from Tymeria. Evidence suggests the party was ambushed and slain by a group of the cultists.

The second part of the journal was found in the Nexus Realm, in Morsiphian’s laboratory.

First Part of Journal:

It talks about them retrieving the Crystal Compass from an Eladrin named Jerel in Deadlan. The price was very high but their buyers were willing to pay it. The Alurium.

It talks about the difficult journey through the forest but no mention of Lorlea on the way through or the cultists. Were attacked by a group of orcs, goblins, and gnolls (small group) during the overland route through the plains on the way to Deadlan and lost Mika there. Strange…that group working together.

In stopping at a local hamlet they discovered an escaped human slave from Deadlan who indicated humans, elves, dwaves, and haflings are often slaves and slavery is a huge market. They used disguises to get around.

They got the artifact but were ambushed shortly after and lost the rest of the group except herself and Helga. Wella suspects Jerel of treachery.

End of first part of Journal…

Second Part of Journal:

Helga has taken to studying the artifact…as she is want to do. It is clearly a strong magic item. She thinks it is an artifact from the time of the 2nd Dawn War. It must be very valuable….

Helga is acting strangely. Her usual passion for magic items has turned into an obsession. All she can talk about is finding artifacts…

As we journey further south to get to the ship we come upon the original forest we traveled through. However, this time Helga insists we head west. She says she can feel an artifact near. I’m suspecting the crystal compass has some power now to locate other items. Helga confirms it…

Lizardmen in the forest. They are tracking us. We are diverting to a village we know is near hear before continuing on.

People are behaving strangely in town. From visiting various establishments we have learned people have gone missing and then they come back much later without good explanation. People don’t trust one another.

We have not used our magic book to contact our employer recently. Something is not right. The compass is telling us of a danger here and that it must find the artifacts to stop it. It desperately does not want to go back to the ship and cross the sea. We don’t know if we can trust it.

The village Lorlea is under attack from within. Apparently people are missing, including the village founder and his daughter. We are taking on a mission for Lady Lisheke…the wife of the founder. We are signing on with the local militia to find out where her daughter has disappeared to.

The Lizardmen are again stocking us as we travel through the forest with the militia. Its like they were just waiting for us to leave the village. Strangely though we have discovered undead with them as well. We continue to look for signs of Tressa and this artifact the compass wants to find. Danger about…

Wella's Journal

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