Tymeria is one region of the known world. It is vast. It is the region most familiar with the PCs and where they originate from and have adventured in. It is not the only region.

Tymeria is like “Points of Light” in that (DMG pg 150):

  • The World is a Fantastic Place.
  • The World is Ancient.
  • The World is Mysterious.
  • Monsters are Everywhere.
  • Adventurers are Exceptional.
  • The Civilized Races Band Together.
  • Magic is Not Everyday, but it is Natural.
  • Gods and Primordials Shaped the World.

Tymeria is NOT like “Points of Light” in that:

  • Physical conduits of the Gods called simply “Immortals” have walked the world for as long as most can remember.

These Immortals are immensely powerful beings that represent the god in the world.

They can be humans, monsters, or anything really.

  • Gods are Not Distant.

Nearly 400 years has passed since the Gods of Evil (and their servants) fought the Gods of Good.

The good gods were defeated and their Immortals disappeared (presumably slain).

Neutral gods also fought on each side and some of them also were lost.

Darkness and Chaos reigned supreme. Evil was everywhere and hope was nearly lost.

Since then new Gods have emerged. Not all at once but slowly over the last few centuries. And with them has again come hope.

The new Gods are

  • Lugun (replacing Avandra)
  • Ermonias (replacing Bahamat)
  • Aldessa (replacing Corellon)
  • Wiern (replacing Erathis)
  • Sumun (replacing Ioun)
  • Ishnaul (replacing Kord)
  • Nicea (replacing Melora)
  • Thraun (replacing Moradin)
  • Eborum (replacing Pelor)

The gods of good have laid claim to the land of Tymeria. They protect it and have created a sanctuary against the other lands. They help to fight off invaders and have worked to rid the region of some of the darkest evil that pervades the rest of the world. In that they have been successful.


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