The True

Symbol of True is sword surrounded by sun.

An organization from the 2nd Dawn War and earlier who served the god Armastrias. They were known as demon slayers and protectors for those who could not defend for themselves.

They were part of many campaigns and served many of the gods. Armastrias often at the forefront.

They were specialists in dealing with demons and their kin…defeating and blocking portals to the world.

The order died out or disappeared well before the war’s conclusion. Details here are fuzzy.

Players found a memorial of the True in the catacombs with a plaque stating “Defeating the Evil is only one small step; the worst evil is not saving those who’s hearts are not wholly dark, just unenlightened or fearful.”

The players encountered one member of true when they traveled back in time. Her name was Iomedae.

The true were guardians of an outpost/town (very strongly defended) in the Nexus Realm that protected the city of "(Tarenheim) ". Their job was to guard the portals and make sure the two Portals to the “fey conduits” remained closed and inactive.

During the 2nd dawn war the second fey conduit was (legend says) an important base for the “star creatures” that were said to be the guiding force for the demons during the 2nd dawn war. The True were able to defeat the forces in the nexus realm and close it up. They then blocked the portal from the nexus to the prime.

Evidence suggests the demons overran the True in the Nexus Realm and the True were annihilated during the war. Their fall may not have just been the demons themselves but also disease and corruption in their ranks.

The True

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