The Soul Seed

The calcified heart of the Far Realm monstrosity Otag-Nepthal.

Otag-Nepthal sends the Seed back in time to keep it away from Morsiphian and anyone else so that Otag-Nepthal cannot be destroyed permanently. The PCs retrieve the Seed from the past and use it by throwing it at the creature (as instructed by Morsiphian).

However, this turns out to be a trick and Otag-Nepthal spawns a baby Corrupter Demon. Once Otag-Nepthal is defeated by Morsiphian and the players the Seed is all that remains of the creature. Morsiphian takes the Seed and flees.

Later the PCs defeat Morsiphian and retrieve the Seed once again. Nenus (now an angel) puts a spell on the Seed and gives it to the PCs…telling them to take it to the Pyramid to put into the Machine where the Crystal Compass is currently located. This will destroy the machine and free the villagers of Lorlea from the mind control currently affecting them.

The Soul Seed

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