The Pyramid-Murkendraw Swamp

Located within the The Murkendraw Swamp.

Also referred to as the Facility by Morsiphian…who had a map to the location in the Nexus Realm.

The Crystal Compass has been alluded to be at the Pyramid.

The Ant Queen remembers bits and pieces about the Pyramid, her creation, and The Creators.

The Midnight Serpent Cultists are known to be using a Machine of some kind to control the minds of the villagers in Lorlea.

References have been made to the cultists and the Facility.

The players encounter a Raven as they enter the Pyramid.

Within the first level of the Pyramid the players encounter the Cult of the Midnight Serpent and several other factions vying for control.

Among those encountered are plant creatures led by a zealot Camnor (defeated), A White Dragon, a Dragonborn warrior leading humans, a human female who turns out be a succubus, and a filthy monster (defeated) with its only allies appearing to be giant rats.

The Pyramid-Murkendraw Swamp

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