The Nexus Realm

An inter-dimensional realm not in the mortal plane or any other known realm. The Nexus Realm is a series of caves filled with Portals to many other realms, including the mortal realm, The Feywild, and the Abyss.

The abomination Morsiphian and the Far Realm entity Otag-Nepthal inhabited this area before being defeated by the PCs. Each had their own part of the Nexus Realm, warring with each other at the end.

A part of the Nexus Realm was used as a town and sort of base of operations for The True Hundreds of years in the past. The Nexus Realm was used as a defensive staging point for the city of Tarenheim, where Lorlea now sits.

Ruins of this town may still be found within the Nexus Realm…including such locations as a temple, Great Hall, and Throne Room.

Within Otag Nepthal’s part of the Nexus Realm is a maze of spiraling tunnels that lead further down, a massive cavern where Otag-Nepthal was defeated by the PCs, and a room with a water fall that led into an adjoining room where a Time Mirror is located.

The Nexus Realm

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