Character Points (Nanami) earned (4)-out of possible 5

The City of Seto

A large city in Tymeria built upon a hill with a fast moving river that runs through the middle of it. The city of Seto is the largest city in the Aichi prefecture of Nanami’s home nation, a country known to foreigners as the Rain Nation.


The city was founded many generations ago by a powerful warlord named Katsumi. She had conquered the lands to the south and decided to expand her territory into the north, known by the name Cloud Hills. This place was once inhabited, but those who lived there disappeared a long, long time ago. Wanting to know what was in these foothills of the great mountain range Katsumi sent out explorers. During one of the expeditions ruins of a forgotten library were found, along with the ruins of a river port and its city. The location of Seto was built around the ruins of an ancient library and port.

This was happening during the unification period of the Rain Nation. During this time the country was shifting out of a feudal system to a constitutional monarchy. The city and its surrounding lands were added to the nation when Katsumi was offered a deal by the Emperor. She became the governor of Aichi.


Seto is made up of mostly Humans and Hengeyokai.

Seto’s Culture

It has many temples spread throughout, each one dedicated to a different god or spirit. Seto is filled with theaters, art galleries, and libraries. It has universities that attract people from all over Tymeria.

The Emerald Flame

The Brothers and Sisters of the Emerald Flame has a large monastery in the city.


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