Unaligned Goddess of Illusion, Love and the Moon. Seasonal God of Autumn and Patron of Elves.

Sehanine is the Unaligned goddess of the moon, autumn, and love. Elves, halflings, thieves, and lovers venerate her. Arcane magic users are also associated with her, as she is the chief patron of witches (a wizard subclass), and her daughter, the Lady of the White Well, is a patron of Hexblades (warlock subclass).

Sehanine urges her followers to seek their own destiny, preferably upon a shadowy path that avoids “the blazing light of zealous good and the utter darkness of evil.” Sehanine’s astral dominion is Arvandor, the Verdant Isles, which she shares with Aldessa. Her favored weapon is now the Moonbow (shortbow), which is easier to hide than the longbow and is less insidious than the crossbow (one of Lolth’s weapons). Sehanine is something of a trickster, and her symbol is a silver crescent moon, studded with sapphires.

Sehanine was the eldest of the three fey gods, the others being Lolth and Aldessa, who in some legends are described as sisters, but are variously paired romantically in others. Sehanine supported Aldessa in his early battles with Gruumsh, and came to his rescue when Lolth rebelled and attempted to kill her.

During the Dawn War, Aldessa and Sehanine developed an appreciation of the mortal world and the other planes, and thus accepted worshippers from many other races. Sehanine worked with Melora to create the halflings, though the new race was abandoned for unspecified reasons. Sehanine, along with Pelor, led the charge against Khala when she attempted to elevate herself above the other gods in the War of Winter.

In 4th edition, Sehanine is one of the “Four Free Gods” the others being her close allies Avandra, Corellon and Melora. She is also on amicable terms with Eborum and the Raven Queen. Sehanine’s closest association is with Aldessa. Gruumsh, Lolth and Asmodeus, (because his tyranny prevents people from forging their own paths) are her enemies. Her antithesis is not Eborum, but Zehir, whose followers use the night as a time to commit acts of evil; Sehanine would have the night used as a time of refuge and recovery.


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