Remembering in Game Information

From time to time you the player may want or need to remember something that has happened during play in the Campaign. This could be remembering a name of an enemy, a quest that needs to be completed, or anything really.

Up until this point I have kind of assumed or allowed the characters to know this information and simply supplied it if there was a question. But I think it would be more interesting and hopefully foster greater involvement (or not) if we tried something else.

So, the new proposed way to handle this will be if I or a player has a question that is not common knowledge by the players I will then say “first player to answer this gains a knowledge bonus”!

The first player to shout out the correct answer will be able to draw a card from the “knowledge deck”. The card will be a reward that will last until the next extended rest or until used (depending on the card). Players may only have one card at a time so if they already answered once they may not do so again until the card is used.

If no one knows the answer then every player makes a knowledge check. The player with the highest knowledge check in the appropriate skill (could be history, religion, nature, dungeoneering, or arcana) can then go to the WIKI and look it up and if they do they also get the bonus reward.

If it is not yet in the wiki I will tell them the answer and the player can write the answer down on a 3 x5 card and give it to me and also earn the reward. If the player would prefer to do none of these they may pass on this and let the character with the next highest knowledge roll go ahead.

Remembering in Game Information

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