Some quests are shown in the Magic Journal.

1. Retrieve Crystall Compass-Offered by Gahnos in Corville.

2. Find Tressa & Jadar – Offered by Lady Lisheke in Lorlea (Completed)

3. Save the Village of Lorlea from the Cult of the Midnight Serpent-Offered by Magic Journal (Completed)

4. Defeat the Abomination Morsiphian-Offered by Magic Journal (Completed)

5. Locate the facility in the Feywild and hald Zehir’s expansion.-Offered by Magic Journal

6. Eliminate the threats to Lorlea and allow for continued trade and expansion for the village.-Offered by Magic Journal

7. Locate the source of Vecna’s involvement in the area and put an end to the plans of his underlings.-Offered by Magic Journal

8. Convert Shrines and other places of worship of dark deities to Lugun.-Offered by Magic Journal

9. Bring back any artifacts to Tymeria for study-Offered by Magic Journal

10. Locate the Crocodile Priests and disrupt whatever plans they have in place.-Offered by Magic Journal


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