The continent of Urea is a nation at constant war. They survived the second Dawn War by breeding a society where the strength of arms was paramount. They created the Oathtakers and the laws governing them.

The Code:

  • Oathtakers pledge loyalty to their city or province above all else…not to a lord or god.
  • Oathtakers agree to be killed at predetermined age as a sacrifice to the city/province.
  • Oathtakers are not born into their status or rank and instead must earn advancement through skill and force of arms only.

Oathtakers are most commonly referred to by society simply as Takers…often in a derogatory way. Before becoming an Oathtaker all male citizens (and some female) are required to perform 2 years of military service.

After 2 years those who continue to advance can become:

1) Oathtakers
-The most valued and highly trained. Most high ranking Oathtaker’s are supremely powerful physically and politically. Those who aspire to lead, to be in politics, or those who wish to receive the best military training possible.

2) Hunters
-Often highly skilled warriors and trackers. Used to hunt rebel oathtakers and be scouts in armies. Sometimes they are thinly veiled assassins and killers.

3) Veteran Soldiers
-Soldiers who wish to continue with the military but who either do not wish to advance politically or who are not capable of doing so. They can attain lesser ranks in an army like Captain, Sargaent, etc.

Oathtaker Advancement and Rank:

  • Apprentice (referred to as “leeches”)
  • Oathtaker
  • Elite Taker
  • Master Taker
  • Grand Master Taker
  • High Taker
    • Champion
    • High Champion
    • Shaar

Another rank of Oathertaker is called the Scupi. These are Oathtakers who choose to rebel against their city province AND/OR become old enough to be sacrificed but choose to flee instead. These Scupi are loathed and hunted.


Oathtakers control land (although they do not pass it down from generation to generation), hold political power, and fight to defend the city/province. Another duty of theirs is to pass judgement.

All oathtakers may enforce the law and pass judgement on “lessers” as they see fit. This is sometimes only ceremonial but in some areas it is the sole method of dispensing justice.


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