New Resting Rules

Plot-based pacing.

There are short rests and long rests.

Encounter powers continue to be recovered after an encounter has ended.

Short rests as before allow for as many healing surges as available to be used.

A long rest no longer recovers Daily Powers.

Milestones are every 2 encounters but the DM may declare other milestones at any time.

There are two kinds of milestones — milestones as part of short rests, and milestones without short rests. Regardless of which type, you roll 1d6 for each expended daily Power, and recover it on a 4-5-6. In addition, you gain an action point, and regain 1/3 (rounded down) of your max healing surges. Finally, all of your encounter powers are regained.

If the milestone is not part of a short rest, you can spend 1 healing surge before or after you recover your healing surges (like perhaps if two encounters happen right on top of one another).

A long rest is identical to a short rest, except your action points (if you have any) are reduced to one, and you also get to make a DC 20 endurance check with a bonus equal to your max healing surges to regain a healing surge. For every 10 you beat this endurance check, you regain an additional healing surge.

The effect of the above is that players can no longer ‘reset’ their status with a mere long rest. Every milestone they get back some of their used daily powers — but not all of them. And if they are low on healing surges, the next milestone won’t give them all back.

Example. Bob the fighter has an expended brute strike daily power, has 5/45 HP, an expended bell ringer encounter power, and is at 4/13 healing surges, when he hits a milestone in the middle of an encounter.

He can immediately spend a healing surge to regain 11 HP, hitting 16/45 HP. Bell Ringer is recovered automatically. He then rolls a d6 for his brute strike power:

He rolls a 6 — Brute Strike is recovered!

He also gains back 4 healing surges, bringing him to 8/13 left. Bob is happy.

Then the boss of the dungeon explodes through the floor, and Bob goes from happy to being relieved.

Later on, Bob is traveling. He finishes an encounter with 5/13 healing surges left after healing up. They continue to travel, and camp for the night.

Bob has a +13 endurance modifier. So he makes a check to recover healing surges:

+13 endurance + 13 max healing surges + d20:

Total: 41

This beats the DC of 20 by 20, so Bob regains 3 healing surges from his night’s rest.

Alice the wizard has a mere +3 endurance modifier, and 6 max healing surges. She is at 4/6 healing surges:


that isn’t enough to break DC 20, so Alice doesn’t gain any healing surges back from the night’s rest.

New Resting Rules

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