Good Goddess of Change, Luck and Travel, Patron of Halflings.

Lugun is friends with Nicea, Sehanine and Aldessa- they are collectively known as “the Four Free Gods”. Lugun’s most hated adversary is Zehir. He is also an enemy of Asmodeus, the lord of tyranny, and Torog, god of jailors, whom his followers fight at any opportunity.


Lugun’s temples are few in civilized lands, but her wayside shrines appear throughout the world. In the Temple of the Fates he is worshiped as a god of destiny alongside Sumun and the Raven Queen. Teleportation Circles are often found in temples of Lugun.

Shrael Lumar is known as Lugun’s Immortal and has been known to visit Corville in Tymeria on occasion.


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