Lorlea Village-Town

Locations within Lorlea:

Buildings are one story, front and back doors, many building have porches.

The ruins of a long forgotten city (Tarenheim), including a crumbling temple, lie underneath the village.

(17) Temple of Nicea

(14) Barracks

(15) Lady Lisheke’s Residence

(1) The Herbalist

(2) Constable

(3) Dairy Farm

(4) Blacksmith’s Shop

(5) Millhouse, Waterwheel, and Pond

(6) Trujy’s General Store

(7) The Groggy Ale

(8) Prosperous Farmhouse

(9) Fisherman-Lorlea

(10) The Dragon’s Loft

(11) Small Cottage

(12) Abandoned Farm

(13) Long March Tavern

(18) Decrepit Farmhouse and Collapsed Barn

(19) N/A

(20) Flower Girl

(21) Carpenter Shop


A small agricultural community carved out of the wilderness ( Jagwood Forest). Some prosperous farms surrounded by fields of grain or pastures of cows and goats.

The town’s folk are farmers and fishers. Cultivated farmland surrounds the community. Less than two miles away is a Oaatal Bottom…a deep lake fed by runoff from the mountains.

Three roads in town.

Leader Lady Lisheke. Formder leader Jadar (deceased) was killed by daughter Tressa (deceased)…who was a member of the Midnight Serpent Cultists.

They hired some adventurers a few weeks before the PCs arrive to go with some of their militia to find daughter and find out what happened to leader…but none returned.

Lady Lisheke gives out quest to find daughter and to stop the cultists in the village.

Within the village the pcs meet Nenus at a temple to the goddess Nicea. Nenus talks about a creature Abomination (Morsiphian) that he believes to be the source of the village’s problems.

Goblins led by the sub chief Kagin acted as mercenary guards within the village, but were abducting villagers on suspicion of being cultists. Glaxar is found to be the Chief of the Goblins, but he is not within the city.

The PCs make an alliance with Jester, a magic using Goblin after saving the village from Cultists within the Catacombs.

The PCs save the village from the cultists, make it a base of operations, put Jester and the Goblins in charge of defense, and assign Gerald Roy to setup the Long March Tavern as a business operation for the PCs. They hope to have Lorlea as a safe Haven for refugees and those seeking travel to Tymeria.

Lorlea Village-Town

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