The westernmost province in Urea. Korinia is the largest and most powerful province. However, it is ruled over by a trio of Shaar’s, each controlling a single city-state but working together.

The largest city is Forkraum, ruled over by true leader of Korinia Apal Dur. Forkraum has a mighty army, a strong magical presence, and a thriving economy. Apal Dur and Forkraum has a long standing feud with Esenglea and their Ogre King.

Perris Pern leads the city of Amiternum. More of a merchant then a warrior Perris and Amiternum survive on their economy and act as a vassal to Forkraum.

Lars Van Uber is the “Shaar” of Tashkent. However, he is a puppet to Apal Dur. Uber is a Thug and massive warrior standing well over 10 feet in height. Fiercely loyal to Dur.


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