Starting city in Tymeria…

Corville, the wealthy, bustling, crossroads port
city, is the cosmopolitan trading heart of the south east coast..
Self-governing and fiercely independent, yet lacking
a standing army, Corville is the largest, wealthiest,
and most socially prominent of the Tymerian Ports.
Corville has around 80,000 permanent residents, and it hosts a constantly
changing population of many more short-term visitors as ships dock or sail, caravans arrive or depart,and a steady stream of peddlers, traders, and seekers-after-fortune pass through its gates.

You have heard Shrael Lumar (The Immortal of the God Lugun) can sometimes be found within the city and is a guiding force behind the city’s independant nature. She has been known to appear to protect the city in times of danger.

Small temple to Lugun found to the south west of the city.


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