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Character points earned so far

Okay, so I have been considering ways to reward individual players and their characters for in game play, participation, and using the wiki here.

We already have the renown cards…which are good. However, I’m going to adjust them just a bit (points are the same though so you don’t lose those) but also add two other systems.

One system will be an Inspiration system…which is from 5E but heavily modified (go into that in another post). The second is a concept I’m making up called “Character Points”.

Here is how Character Points may be earned…

1. Each player will receive 5 different color poker chips each session. Each chip represents 1 character point. They also represent a type of Character action or accomplishment that is going to be rewarded.

Here are the different chips and accomplishments:

-(White) The Tactician; the character was the most tactically sound in combat or strategy.

This could be something done vocally or just the use of character abilities in a tactical or strategic way. Example: Having an idea to plan a trap for an enemy. Or using your spells or martial powers in ways that makes battles go easier for the group. If this is you then you may get the Tactician chip.

-(Red) The Joker; If your character or player manages to keep things light or grab a laugh at some point you may get the joker chip.

-(Blue) The Actor; If your character has certain traits or a personality and this is expressed OVER your own (player) personality and the other players notice this then you may get the Actor chip.

-(Green) The Hero; If you do something heroic, out of the ordinary, or outlandish you may get the Hero chip.

-(Black) The Victor; If you are the one slaying the most enemies or the one most responsible for getting through encounters (this could be through talking, sneaking, or use of skills also) you could get the Victor chip.

At the end of the session players will give each chip to a player other then themselves. If they are unsure then the chip goes to the DM. The total chips are counted and each player gets that many character points at the end of the session.

  • All players earn 3 Character Points just for showing up for the session.

2. Players also get 1-10 Character Points for creating and posting a Character on this Wiki and for creating a background. The more elaborate it is the higher the points. Posting pictures, etc helps.

3. Players get 1-5 Character Points for posting an entry in the Adventure Log. The more effort put in the more points.

4. I may post other things on the forum that will also award Character Points if you participate.

What are Character Points Used For?

1. The first 10 points earns a session Boon

Gain Advantage once per encounter for that session. Announce that you are using advantage before the roll is made.

2. The first20 points earns Gold

-The Gold Amount is determined by the level your character is at when you start at 0 Character Points. This means level 6 at FIRST.
-After every 40 Character Points you start over at 0 again. So once you reach 40 Character Points you go back to 0 and start earning Gold based on the level your character is at now (for example maybe he is level 7 now).
-The actual gold amount is the mid level treasure parcel amount. This would be 612 at level 6, 884 at level 7, 1156 at level 8, etc.

3. The first 40 points earns one permanent Character Enhancement.

-Players will be given a choice of two things based on their character’s background/play/abilities. Characters may only have two such enhancements per tier of play. If more are received the player must choose which to keep. These will get better as levels advance.

  • All Character Points must be tracked by the Player.
  • All Gold & Permanent Enhancements will be given out by the DM during play.
  • Once you get to 40 Character Points you start over at 0 again.

Please inform me as soon as you are in line to earn a reward so I can prepare the reward (hopefully for the next session).

Character Points

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