Brothers and Sisters of the Emerald Flame

Brothers and Sisters of the Emerald Flame

Background Info: This order is very insular and has a rigid tradition of study and fighting style, as well as behavioral taboos. These monks seek a balance between the purifying aspect and the destructive aspect of the Silver Flame.

Also known as Disciples of the Flame. The Monastery found in the city of Seto. Order known for loyalty, and destruction of enemies. Respected for Truth and Diplomacy, they also travel with Paladins frequently.

The order originates from The Church of the Silver Flame.

Those who are in the order worship many gods and spirits of nature (forests, mountains, rivers, trees, etc…).

The Emerald Flame was originally a faction in the Silver Flame that separated into its own order. They share the goals of ridding the world of evil and purifying those they can.

However, the Emerald Flame gradually changed some of their tenants and some believe the divide was over whether the Keeper of the Flame is actually speaking with Tira Miron.

Brothers and Sisters of the Emerald Flame

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