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From Tymeria to Urea (Pilgrimmage)

Saturday, November 07, 2015

We made it to Corville. It is a large wealthy port city in Tymeria. I was quite impressed with the hustle and bustle of the town. Of Course Drago just wanted to keep pushing on to locate the temple…Paladins. It was quite easy to find the temple and shrine of Lugun – just a little southwest of the city. It was in the center of a wooded clearing and obviously well-tended Oh the people milling around one immediately caught my eye.

She was a young red-haired halfling much like myself sitting next to the shrine disinterested in the task of interviewing the would be heroes that were answering the call for adventurers. The skill in which she twirled the dagger in her hands let me know she was more than capable of defending herself against any that would be casually dismissed from the quest at hand. She did take a second look at our group – but we get many second looks due to the odd assortment of races, arms and armor we display.

The priestess didn’t take us seriously until Drago held out his holy symbol of Lugun and pledge not just his but all of our service to help the temple in their quest.

The quest:

The quest is explained to us as more of an information gathering and almost rescue mission to save those that are being oppressed in the country of Urea. Drago looked pleased with this noble quest and of course we all have our own reasons to go along. The journey will take three weeks by boat and they only send one boat every three months. So this will not just be a quick task to complete. We are also informed that if we miss the boat when it returns we will have to wait three months longer as the boat only stays one day and as she previously mentioned only goes out every three months. So we had better keep good track of our time so we don’t get stranded there longer than necessary.

The priestess gave us a ritual book and a blessed journal so we can magically communicate with her and be rewarded for our deeds. She did warn that the book knows if we are telling the truth in our tales so I think it would be best if Jacob doesn’t do the recording as some of his tales take on some of the most exaggerated details…but then again that is the job of a Bard to make even the most boring of tasks seem like a mighty adventure and tale worth telling.

The boat leaves in three days so we must get prepared for our journey. Three weeks on a boat – just what will I need? The preparations:

Three days in a large robust city may seem like a good time, but I think we were all trying to get focused on the task that it was a little frustrating to find our way around. So we tried to find out a little more about Urea, the slaves that are being held there and maybe a side job or two just to make this trip financially beneficial.

Background on Urea:

Urea is a dark evil place that has many wars. The government is unstable and it is generally considered unsafe to travel. Bane is the main ruling god. When our Bane heard this we could all tell that he was loving this – his plan is to take over and rule it himself.

The government in Urea consists of Oath Takers which are like knights and the system of ruling is based on challenges and assassinations. Only powerful and rich stay long in office.

There are stories of abominations that roam the land.

There is a province named Arriack which is where our boat will land and the starting point for our journey in Urea. We also learned that the capital city in Arriack is Ishadar. Fort Bristol is near the capital and may be a place for us to check out when we get there.

Talking to a rescued slave:

We talked to Periell an old man that was brought back on one of the recent rescue missions. He has an interesting head tattoo that he states marked him as a slave. Puriell told us he was from Ishadar and escaped from his slave owner during transport from one slave market to another. He hid in the mountains until rescued by the Lugun priest adventurers nine months ago. He is still visibly terrified of Urea and the green and brown hairy creatures

that are the main rulers there.

Side Quest:

While looking for information about Urea we were approached by Ganos, a well-dressed man wearing fine blue clothing and an abundance of silver rings. He stated that a previous group had been sent to retrieve artifacts from Urea but they had not returned. They had purchased a “”/wikis/retrieve-crystall-compass" class=“wiki-page-link”> Crystal Compass" from the merchant Gerell (artifact dealer) in Ishadar. Ganos would like the artifact returned to him and to find out what happened to the previous group.

The group was made up of Nogu (half orc), Mialee (elf), Helga (dwarf), Micha (human) and Wella (halfling). Ganos said he would pay us 1000gp and provide us with a magic item if we are successful in returning the “”/wikis/retrieve-crystall-compass" class=“wiki-page-link”> Crystal Compass" to him.

The boat ride:

Thankfully the three week boat ride was uneventful. I didn’t realize that Goliath’s could get seasick – but Kuora did take a little longer than the rest of us to get our “sea legs”.


We landed at a small cove with a sandy beach and completely hidden from view by large trees. The boat captain once again stated that he only waits one day and will return promptly in three months. This is the exact spot to be picked up, so we best be here on time. To ensure we were alone, safe and could remember the location we set up a protected camp. We took the rest of the day to build a permanent hidden camp so we could identify the pick-up location and have a safe place to hide in case of troubles during our journey in Urea. We all agreed that if we got separated from each other that we would use this camp as a meeting location.

Day 1 – always the longest day of any journey

While investigating the previous day Persephone and Bane found a well-worn path that lead along a large stream. We figured this was the best place to start and headed north along the river. We travelled for about six hours when we heard growling voices ahead. Persephone, Bane and myself are the quietest of the bunch so we ventured ahead to check out what was going on. We saw at least 3 large goblinoid creatures and some distinct webbing in the treetops.

We returned to the group and Persephone indicated that they were Goblins and since Jacob could speak with them we made a plan to send in the “noisy” ones with Persephone, Bane and myself to provide protection from the tree line.

Goblins in the clearing:

The group approached the largest of the goblins and we discovered there were actually nine of them. Some were lounging playing dice and drinking. The leader had a similar symbol that Periell had – but with 2 large dots. The leader had leather armor and a slimy black tail and hideous yellow eyes. We convinced them that they should take us to the village nearby so we could purchase supplies and lodging. The leader stated we would have to talk to the chief – which is where he led us.

He called to his “pet” giant spiders (3) and we crossed over a bridge to get into the village. The bridge had sentry post of goblins and we were given over to them to be taken to the chief – the goblins did interact with the sentry and some vague comments inquiring if we were “Part of the Cult”. We also learned that the chief is named Kagan.

The Village:

The village had many races, human children were playing in front of the millhouse and there was evidence of many farms. We passed the Dragons Loft Inn which had some humans walking around it. There were houses and other buildings, some appeared to be in use and others seemed abandoned. We headed northwest from a fork in the road that lead towards a river. We entered into a large well-kept building that appeared to be used as a barracks. This seems to be positioned in the outermost area of the town and protected by the river.


We were introduced to Kagan and his personal guard. He also bears the strange glowing yellow eyes. His skin and hair also had an unusual red tint to them. He also had a mark, but had 3 dots. We are beginning to suspect this may be some sort of rank that is given. Kagan seemed reluctant to let us stay in the village but Kuora issued him a challenge and when Kagan approached her she shoved him hard making him stubble backwards. Kagan seemed to appreciate this show of strength and granted us stay in the town for exactly one day.

Exploring the Village:

We decided to split into two teams – one to secure lodging and the other to purchase supplies.

Lodging Team:

The Dragons Loft Inn – innkeeper is Cham Porthey a Halfling that likes to stay close to his two dragonborn guards. He informs us that he does not have a room large enough for our entire group and to try the Long March Tavern which is over the river bridge which can be found by taking the north east fork of the road. He does seem a little distracted and does not offer too much information – when questioned further and revealing that we are not from the area, and offer assistance and that we are not in league with the goblins he mentions we should talk to Leishica.

She is the wife of the mayor of the town and recently hired the goblins after her husband never returned from a mission to save the town. Cham mentioned that a lot of people have gone missing lately or have been taken away by the goblins. In fact his barmaid Preva was just taken away yesterday by the goblins and is rumored to be held in the top floor of the barracks. She was accused of being a spy for the lizard men that are in the swamp areas outside of town. Cham also stated that caravans have been being attached lately as well. He said we can find Leishica by following the river to the north.

Supply Team

While looking for the store the group is approached by a young boy stating that “the Lady wishes to see you”. The group agrees and follows the boy to a large home beside the river. They see a couple of guards outside but are allowed entrance when the boy states that they are the ones she wanted to see.

Lady Lisheka:

Lady Lisheka is an older human that is well dressed but appears to be despondent and distressed. She tells a tale that she recently lost her husband Jadar and her daughter Tressa. They had gone off in search of why people kept going missing and to see if they could deal with the Lizardmen. People leave and some come back and some do not. Those that return act strangely. With the absence of her husband she hired the goblins to protect the town. This was helpful at first, but now they have been causing trouble of their own.

She also said they have been reports of strange creatures in the forest. The people in town are suspicious of everything. There were two other adventurers in town a while ago and she hired them to help. They also did not return. (The party recognized that they may be 2 out of the party that purchased the crystal compass). Lisheka offers the group a reward for information for putting an end to the troubles as well as any information that can be found about her husband and daughter.

The group agrees to help her and the town and head to find supplies and the rest of the party.

Meet up

We all meet up outside of Lady Lisheka’s home and compare stories of what has happened so far. We decide head toward the Long March Inn as this is where they can get lodging and the supply store is along the way. We found Trudjy’s General Store where Trudjy is alone and distracted about the creatures outside of town. She recalls a tale of a caravan that was recently attached and the only survivor is a guard that is recuperating in town. We purchase some various supplies but also some bear traps and lengths of chain.

We continue on to the Long March Tavern and speak with the bartender Andoriel, an incredibly beautiful Eladrin. She answered some questions about the goblin troubles but didn’t want to talk much further. She did point us in the direction of the caravan guard and provide us lodging for the evening.

Phaneth Ulzariss (dragonborn) was recuperating from a bad leg wound he suffered during the attack on the caravan. Carrick quickly tended to the wound, Phaneth was very grateful. He said the caravan was attached by a very fast creature that seemed to have more than two hands, but was unable to provide any more details as he was rendered unconscious after being thrown from the wagon.

Before returning to the inn for the night we visited Nenus who is a devote priest of Nicea. Nenus believes the creature in the woods is not natural and he has had several visions about it. He would like to accompany us to locate the creature as he has a ritual he believes would help to return the creature to where it belongs.

We returned to the Long March Tavern to formulate some plans for tomorrow and with the troubles in town thought it wise to rotate keeping watch – two at a time.

Plans to be Made
Day 2

Day 2 – Plans to be made (Saturday November 21st, 2015)

Sleeping in an inn should be safe right? Well…I guess not. It was a good thing that Drago and Carrik were taking watch as of course nothing has been as expected since we landed on this horribly oppressive continent. Drago heard something at the door and what sounded like whispers from the one wall of our room. Thankfully Drago and Carrik woke most of us up and we were not completely surprised when a side of the wall opened. However I and Nanami were truly not expecting the floor to disappear underneath us as we plummeted 35 feet to the ground below.

Nanami showed that cats do land on their feet rolling as she touched the floor and ending up in a cat stance to survey our new surroundings. I on the other hand landed doing a Halfling belly flop on the floor below – I guess I need to work on that a little more. Things got absolutely crazy from there. With only Nanami and myself in the cavern below and everyone else still in the Inn above we were all engaged with unexpected foes.

I don’t know too much about the fight in the inn – only what Jacob recounted…but again how do you know when a Bard is telling the story and when they are “making great history come alive”. Drago was up there too, so I know most of the story to be true…Paladins just can’t tell a lie to save their lives after all…his little finger fidgeting of his holy symbol is always a dead giveaway that something isn’t quite right. So the Inn keeper which I have another name for her but would not be fitting to put into writing came out of the hidden wall section along with some other humans wielding ropes, and other weapons.

The team did a great job finishing them off even keeping one hostage alive for questioning. Andoriel on the other hand obviously didn’t want to be quested and with a final praise to her god jumped to the cavern below ending her life. As she jumped she screamed out “I have served the great Zahir well and will be reborn”. Back to Nanami and me…we were unpleasantly greeted by at least 5 lizard men. Most of them standing or hiding behind large stacks of crates.

There was water pouring into a pool behind us and the eerie sound of snakes hissing from all directions. We were fighting the good fight until even more lizard men joined in. Right around the time we though all might be lost our friends came to the rescue. Persephone which I now know is not fond of snakes, and especially snakes in water used the ladder to rain arrows down onto our foes. Drago took a different approach and did a swan dive from the Inn above and like Nanami did a much better job landing than I did.

One of the lizard men just as he was expiring shouted “Praise Zehir and open the chutes”. I didn’t think much of it until the water pouring into the pool started getting faster, and the sound of water could be coming from other areas in the cavern we had not yet explored. The tides turned once more when the floor/ceiling reappeared closing us off from the remainder of the group still in the Inn. The water levels continued to rise and as it covered the floor the sound of snakes got louder as well.

Hundreds of sea snakes came up out of the pool and from the tunnels in the caverns as well as more lizard men and a couple really, really, really, large snakes. Did I say how large those snakes were? Just wow…big snakes. Drago came up with a great strategy to let me use his shield as a boat so I could shoot arrows and he could take care of the lizards and snakes. Nanami fell in battle but we were able to rescue her in time.

The team in the Inn was able to get the floor/ceiling to reopen and Kuora came into the water with us as well. The last of the largest lizardmen taunted us just before he died “ Zahir will destroy all of you”. We thought that might actually happen until Nanami and I were able to figure out the 3 levers which emptied the water from the room. The levers lowered part of the floor that from what we could see opened into an underground river that we will explore later after a much needed rest.

When the water drained away we also found a large chest that had some nice loot in it. What a way to start our second day in Urea. In all the excitement we realized that Bane was gone, I guess we have just added another mystery to solve. Last we know he finished first watch and went to the bar for a drink and some food but never returned. We searched the Inn and the grounds and there was no sign of him.

With no sign of Bane we turned to question our prisoner. His name is Breodin and he is from Deadland (which we know now is another name for the Capital). He was brought here by Tressa a couple weeks ago to help collect human slaves. Breodin has a strange affect talking in monotone and an almost dazed look in his eyes. When he is prompted about details of Tressa and her plans he gets very agitated.

When threatened for information he broken into a chant “The midnight serpent will devour the sun and wrap his coils around the mortal world and cover all in eternal darkness”. He does provide use with a little more information. Since he is a slave runner his team was in charge of taking the captives down the river.

This was the third time theyhave utilized this floor trap, and this is not the first town they have done this at either. Tressa left town to go to Deadland a few weeks ago and they expect her back any time now. She should be returning by caravan. When pressed for any information beyond that his response was simply…It is Zahirs will. Knowing we will get nothing further we leave him bound in a locked room. The night guard rotation will keep an eye on him. After piling it all up – we found a nice pile of loot and even skinned the snakes for a later time…I fell asleep dreaming of snake skin boots.

To the Island
Day 2

Still Day 2 (December 5th, 2015)

We finally got to sleep – maintaining a watch and tending to wounds. Again we are disturbed by an early morning knock on the door. We of course are a little more cautious than usual after the mid-night activities. We tossed open the door and Kuora grabbed the intruder. Gerald Roy was alone at the door. He is an average looking human with a graying reddish beard and average clothing. He looks like he does his best not to stand out in a crowd.

I get the distinct impression that we may have some of the same skills. He claims he is searching us out to offer use a job. He had already heard about our night time visitors and thought since we survived that we might be able to help get some information for him. He wants to know what is causing the problems in town. He gives us some background on the town. It seems he has been here for a number of years and knows all of the residents of the town.

He was drawn to stay here a few years ago because the town was friendly and welcoming. He helps people locate special goods as well as buying and selling items that people can’t sell at normal establishments. Everything was great until the goblins arrived a few weeks ago. Since then it has been getting worse and worse. People are scared, hiding in their homes and fearful for their friends and loved ones. The goblins have been seen dragging people out of the homes at all hours of the day and night to hold them prisoner in the barracks.

At night people have seen the goblins dragging the townsfolk into the woods where they are never seen returning. There are currently 2 people in the barracks; Preva the barmaid and Uhra a local farmer. In total the goblins consist of about 20 members strong; 15 that patrol around the town and then 5 that stick close to the Barracks, as well as Kagen and his Bugbear guard.

Gerald said he could get us a rough layout of the inside of the barracks in a couple of days. We asked him about the adventuring party we are searching and he recognized 2 of the 5, but he hasn’t seen them since they went into the forest just before the goblins arrived in town. He would gladly help us with supplies and such and when we have any information he can generally be found at the “Groggy Ale”. We also mentioned that we had a prisoner that we didn’t know what to do with. Gerald agreed to take him off our hands.

Sometimes it is better not to know what happens when people leave. What to do next – we have so many different paths we can take and tasks to accomplish that it was close to coming to blows amongst the group on which lead we should follow-up on first. I do secretly enjoy Kuora getting frustrated – you can almost see her heartbeat in the veins in her neck. Carrik also a lot to say, but he mainly clenches his fists until his knuckles get almost snow white.

I like to watch them get riled up and at the same time am very appreciative that they are my friends and allies and not my enemies. We agreed to perform the ritual book to update the
journal of what has happened so far. We think we did everything right, but no reward appeared – guess we have to do more – even though it seems we have done a lot in the last two days. We decide to meet up with Nenus the priest of Nikia and hunt the creature that we have given the nickname of “The Handy Man”.

Nenus doesn’t know what the creature looks like either, but he has felt the evil. We figure that the goblins may be dragging people off as a sacrifice to the Handy Man so it might be best to take out that evil first.

We packed up our gear, met up with Nenus and start to head north out of town. As we came to a fork in the road we noticed smoke rising up through the trees to the west. We all agree to head towards the smoke. As we get close to the smoke Persephone and myself sneak up quietly to the source to see what is going on. It looks like a caravan was attacked – there is a mound of what looks like freshly filled graves, a large fire that even has some broken wagon parts burning in it. The remaining carriages and wagon form a ring around the survivors.

We counted about 16 humanoids – human orc and goblin sentries, 9 skittish horses are in a makeshift corral and a bunch of tents – some intact, others appearing collapsed and trampled. We head back to the group and tell them what we have found. The group approached the carnage and reassures the guards that we are not a threat.

Juckin is the leader of the caravan. He is a half elf that obviously helped protect the caravan as he has some well-defined bruises and a variety of cuts. He tells us how he was actually attacked twice. A large number of the people in the caravan fell ill just before the first lizard men attacked and many died or still remain ill. A second attack came shortly after but this time was a group of goblins who attacked the caravan and left as they chased after the remaining lizard men.

He said he was escorting an emissary by the name of Voltarath who was travelling with 2 women. They had dumped all the dead attackers into a large pit which included lizardmen, goblins and a bugbear. Juckin said a majority of their horses ran off in the attack and the 9 they recovered are too skittish to ride or pull wagons. Voltarath’s was riding in one of the three carriages that we searched finding a small jade idol of Zahir in an ornate box as well as ritual scroll of heartflow.

One of Voltarath’s female companions died in the fight from what appeared to be a fatal wound from a small edged weapon – the other woman is missing. The description of the missing woman matches that of the one we have of Tressa. When searching the remaining wagons we find some tracks and a puddle of noxious fluid. The puddle is under a wagon that looks like it had a hidden compartment that contained the poison that caused the sickness.

We questioned Juckin further and he said that this wasn’t his fault – he is just a servant. He admitted he knew Tressa and that she ran away with Voltarath. She hates him, but needs him for her ritual. Tressa is in league with the lizardmen and was shocked when the goblins appeared with what we can only assume was the Handy Man. Voltarath works for a scholarly organization in the Capital.

Tressa took off to the west towards the “Island”. The caravan was just escorting Voltarath with the main goal of going to Chesshin for trade.

Nenus tells us a legend about the Island that is a magical place NW through the forest.

Nenus also tells us that Tressa left the town when she was young to study in Deadland. We head off in the search of the Handy Man and are surprised by a radiant light in the distance. It is the translucent shape of a man in armor with a sword and shield. The half elven male nods to us and looking at him we realize it is the ghost of the town Mayor.

He leads us into the forest to a clearing that has a small shrine to Nikia (goddess of wilderness, sea and wild places). The shrine has been desecrated with what appears to be blood from a sacrifice. The shrine has been defaced so that it now honors Veckna (god of undead and secrets). Nenus and Drago refuse to leave before purifying the shrine consecrating it to once again honor Nikia.

The ghost appears pleased with our actions and points into a thicker part of the forest which we of course head in that direction. The ghost directs us through the woods where we come to a glade with two humans standing there. The say their names are Joseph and Tara. They claim to have been stranded here for a few days after their caravan was attacked. Something doesn’t seem right about them. Their clothing is clean and neat unlikely that they have been stranded in the forest for days. We spot an old camp in the trees with a torn tent, and well used fire pit.

We immediately start to question the couple and demand they tell us the truth. They are actually grave robbers that sell dead bodies for money. They show us the bodies they currently have collected. They said that the contact at the catacombs was someone named Bearivin and they get paid 200gp per body they delivered there. When searching through the bodies we find a journal and a cogniscience crystal. The journal seems to be missing some pages but what we can decipher it belonged to the crystal compass party.

Crystal Compass Journal – The parts of the journal we understood were that they were journeying through the forest and were attacked by orcs and goblins and that is when Micha died. At the Hamlet they escaped by using disguises to appear human. They did get the artifact but were ambushed on the way back. Only Wella and Helga were the only ones that made it out alive. They expect Gerell of treachery.

The bodies that Tara and Joseph had piled up included those of Wella and Helga. Their bodies were shredded and had puncture wounds through their bodies as well as their heads. Their skin also had a strange green tint. Against some of the groups wishes we let Joseph and Tara leave. The ghost reappears and we head off to follow the directions of the ghost. The forest starts to turn swampy and we maneuver around pools of water. The ghost continues into the swamp and we continue to blindly follow him.

Suddenly the ghost stops and stretches his arms wide, shimmers and disappears. Beyond where he stopped we see an island. The island looks like it has a storm covering it. Large bolts of lightning crack across the sky, and there are lots of large birds of prey swooping over the sandy shore that encircles the island. The birds are huge and seem to be flying almost in packs that are hunting or searching the island.

As we stand transfixed by the storm and birds we realize we are being watched. There are these small humanoid creatures that are in the trees watching us. Carrik and Nanami think they are fey creatures. Wilden that are from the fey wild. We explain we mean them no harm. They are very hesitant to let us go towards the island as there are other bad people that have come before us. With much convincing we talk our way onto the island.

They tell us that there is two different groups on the island. Azar has been there for a long time and he is the lord of the island. He stays near the peak of the island where the majority of the lightning is found. The second group is new and is corrupting the island. They describe Tressa and another female that has enthralled their leader whom they refer to as the Great Ancient. It is with the commitment that we will find and protect their elder that they point us in the direction of Tressa. We follow their directions and head through the forest.

The area quickly becomes just swamp that stops at the edge of the trees in a sandy beach. We cross the beach to find a strange circular structure that looks to be made out of large white feathers. We see snow white peacocks wandering around the structure with a small pile of clothing and bedrolls. The walls of the structure are not completely solid and through the gaps we see a completely naked wilden female and three very large beasts chained up inside. The beasts are an ape, a bear and a tiger. We also see an old wilden male that we realize is the Great Ancient.

As much as we tried to get to the female without harming the elder or the beasts the female used them against us and we had to slay the beasts to get to her. We were able to subdue the ancient without harming him too badly and thankfully Nanami with her catlike speed was able to catch the female as she darted beyond the trees. The ancient was under her spell and when Nanami finished her the magical disguise dropped and she reverted to the body of a fey spring nymph. The ancient introduced himself as Secquir and he was grateful but embarrassed at the same time to have been fooled by the nymph.

He tells us that Tressa has a camp to the west near the water. She is a selfish evil woman that came here and confronted Azar (whom he describes as a half bird half lion creature). While Azar is deceitful and not trustworthy he has not caused the damage and corruption that started on the island after Tressa arrived. He gives us his thanks once again and requests that we quickly complete our task of getting rid of Tressa and then leave the island. His people need him and with that he leaves. I gather up some feathers as we search the area and realize that there are no birds flying over this beach clearing.

The Corruption on the Island
Day 2

Day 2 never seems to end (December 19th, 2015)

There is an area that the Wildens say they never go because it is very corrupted and gives off an aura of plain evil. Secquir says he can help us when we fight Tressa by giving us four of his best warriors. We thank him but we also decide that we don’t want to leave the group of wilden unprotected so Carrik and Kuora agree to stay behind to keep them safe.

We continue on to where we believe Tressa’s camp to be. Drago stumbled into a tree and one of the large birds swooped down narrowly missing the top of his head and then the flock fly off in another direction. Nenus says he doesn’t feel the Handyman has been here but Tressa has. From here we believe travelling north will lead us to the Handyman and Tressa is to the west. We head off along the beach, not quite ready to enter the forest. As we walk Drago gets a strange psychic message that he needs to check the book of Lugun. We pause for a much needed meal and Drago shows us the new entry in the book.

…Complete these Quests in Lugun’s name and be awarded…

1. Convince the villagers of Lorlea to migrate to Tymeria.

2. Destroy the unnatural beast terrorizing the town of Lorlea.

3. Stop the cult of the midnight Serpent’s activities within Lorlea.

4. Locate the facility in the Feywild and halt Zehir’s expansion

5. Eliminate the threats to Lorlea and allow for continued trade and expansion for the village

Since it is still our second day on the island we might as well check at least one thing off the list right? We pack up our meager meal and keep travelling along the path along the beach. The path starts to lead into the forest and the trees look sick.

The further we follow the path into the woods the trees become sicker, wrapped in darkness and appear lifeless. Drago senses the evil that is radiating through this area where even the birds don’t fly and no small creatures can be heard scurrying through the leaves. The four wilden hunters say they don’t go in here as it is “bad”.

We continue on down the path and find a clearing littered with ruins. It is misty and we can all feel the evil in these malicious woods. Nenus cries out that something is really wrong. With that we shake our heads to dispel the illusion. There is a large black tree in the center of the clearing with thorny vines. We spot an old monolith that is covered in ancient runes. The area smells of rot and decay and the aura of evil

can be felt by us all and it is almost painful with misery and despair. We get asked three questions in our minds that we are compelled to answer individually

1. Are you morally obligated to help people?

2. If you knew your favorite food could cure people but if anyone found out you would never be able to get it again would you tell anyone?

3. Would you give up your life to save someone you were sworn to protect?

At least we didn’t have to say our answers aloud – my own answers while they are my

truth may not please some of the other members of the group. We try to come up with a strategy as there is the large tree in the center, but also what we presume to be a swarming bush of Twig Blights and three abyssal scavenger spawns. The fight is long and the waves of evil aura really made it hard to get close to the evil trees.

When we through all hope was lost the four wilden came to our rescue and seeing them overcome the evil helped us all to swing harder and shoot straighter. Once the large tree was slain the forest around us started to change and the tree itself started to turn green and healthy. We could feel the overwhelming evil aura dissipate and a feeling of happiness washed over the area. Drago and Nenus walked the clearing and blessing the area to remove any remaining pockets of evil.

We did find a couple magical arrows. I pocketed a twig from the evil tree. My trophy collection is getting strange – snake skins, feathers and twigs – what a couple days we have had here. We turn our attention to the monolith and in Elven and Draconic we can read about the Celestial Order, the power of the Fey and the Lore of this place. The Wilden said that the large tree is a portal to their world but they cannot access it.

It seems there is further corruption that may need to be removed from the island before the portal once again would be accessible. We agree that Tressa seems to be the major source of the corruption and she is the next task we need to complete. As we travel to her camp it is getting darker and we spot a campfire in the distance. Persephone and I snuck up to see what we can see and we realize that this day isn’t going to end without one more battle. The undergrowth around the camp is charred and burnt away.

In the center of the camp is a very small cramped cage that looks like it is made of twisted tree roots coming from the earth. Inside the cage is a human that is slumped on the floor and doesn’t look like they will survive much longer without our help. The cage is guarded by a large metal like snake. There are also short gnomish looking creatures that are dark and have a cruel appearance to their faces.

As well as a creature with horns and hooves that looks like a satyr. We hurry back to the group where we plan to make a distraction to get healing to the trapped man as soon as possible. The grass provides cover for our Wilden hunters and myself as we try to flank the guards. When the tide of the battle shifted to our favor the satyr and a couple of the remaining gnomish humanoids surrender to us. We are just in time for the poor man in the cage and are able to resuscitate him. We interrogate the creatures and learn that Tressa is southwest from here near the water.

She always has her guards and other allies with her and requires a boat to do the work she is doing. The Satyr says he has worked for the master of the island and he has lots of powers and dabbles in more than one kind of power. Tressa is trying to gain the power of the island. The tree portal has been corrupted for some time now and this is very frustrating for Tressa.

Man from the Cage – Voor told us he was travelling in a caravan that was ambushed and Tressa captured him and has been torturing him since. From what he has overheard he thinks Tressa is planning to sacrifice him. A long time ago the “Celestial Order” found out about the island and took it under their protection as it contains great power from the fey wild. The portal is a gate that leaves to a nexus portal to other portals so the Celestial Order do not want that power to fall into the wrong hands. Tressa has been using the portal to get to the “facility”. He overheard her talking about


a Ritual she is going to perform in 5 days in the name of Zahir. Voor is a member of the Celestial Order and says they have been protecting the portal that was used during the Second War. Voor needs to get back to the order to tell them what has been happening. He thanks us for saving him and makes us all Honorary Members of the Celestial Order. We agree that we didn’t want to sleep here, so we head back to the Wilden camp and finally get some rest.

Day 3

Day 3 (January 9th, 2016)

I regret spending too much time playing dice and card games with the Wilden and woke up with a touch of a hangover. It was decided that I would stay behind this time to help protect the Wilden camp while the others went off in search of Tressa. It was a lovely peaceful day and the Wilden are interesting – they showed me some herbs and plants that I can eat and which ones not to eat.

I whittled a little wooden figurine of the elder. It was nice to clean my gear and sharped my weapons and get battle ready once more, but also to stretch and climb some trees and such as well. It was early in the evening when the group returned – they were victorious over Tressa but needed some assistance opening her book. It was a simple trap but would have been very dangerous had one of my companions decided to open it on their own.

Once opened it appeared it was actually her Journal. It detailed her life moving from the village to the capital and how she got involved with Zahir and the cultists. The other being on the island turned out to be a Chimera. I had never seen one in person before – I would not want to be on the bad side of a Chimera. The regal beast interacted with us and giving us some amazing gifts. But of course shortly thereafter told us to leave and not to return. We were not going to argue of course so we picked up our gear and started back to the village.

While packing up the gear I realize that Jacob is not there, but in his place a Deva. Drago explained that during the trek through the woods to Tressa they found Barriah being attacked by some creatures. They of course fought them off. Jacob started hearing voices in his head that told him to touch the magical book from Lugun and when Drago went to pass the book to him as soon as his fingers touched it he vanished. This truly is a strange land and we need to be cautious at all times. Barriah agreed it would be best to stay with us and he was instrumental in overcoming Tressa.

We reached the clearing with the restored temple and finally rested. Drago did the full ritual with the book and all we heard was Jacobs voice saying he was safe and to continue with our quest. He will spread the tales of our incredible adventures.

Lorlea Village aginst Us
Day 4

Day 4 (January 16th, 2016)

We awoke to the spirit ghost in the camp – he bowed deeply to us and smiled as he disappeared. It was a great feeling to know we helped bring his spirit to peace. As we finished our morning meal we started deciding what our next move should be. We know the goblins told us we only had one day in town and that is long since over.

We also need to know what has happened since we left. Barriah has the ability to send an animal messenger to Gerald Roy to get him to come and speak with us. The squirrel scampered off towards the village. We waited a few hours until we noticed a young male was approaching the camp. He was very nervous but definitely wasn’t Gerald Roy. His name is Locks and he said Gerald Roy sent him.

The town is on high alert looking for us. Rumors are being spread that we killed the bar keep and tried to destroy the inn. They conveniently left out the part that they attacked us first and the entire floor trap and the lizards. The Inn has been boarded up and the townsfolk are doing patrols on their own as well as coordinating patrols with the goblins. Locks heads back to town and we know Gerald Roy will no longer help us, in fact he warned that we leave and not come back to the town at all.

What do we do now? Of course we are not abandoning the town – we swore to help them and we will continue to do that whether they want us to or not. We decided to see if we can take out some of the goblins in the forest before going to rescue the people in the Barracks. We stashed some gear in the clearing that was too heavy to carry quietly and quietly made our way around to where we initially met the goblins in the spider camp. We were disheartened to find the camp empty and cold – it doesn’t look like they came back here after taking us to the village. We snuck a little closer to town and witnessed the humans and goblins patrolling together. Now what?

We decide it might be safer to send Nenus into town to talk to lady Lisheka. To help support our story we gave him the logbook from the cultists as well as Tressas Journal. It seems like forever before Nenus returned to us. He relayed that Lady Lisheka believes us and was saddened to learn of the fate of her husband and daughter. The rumors in town were started by constable Lard as he was there when they boarded up the Inn. Lady Lisheka is trying to help us but there has been a lot of tension in town since the fight at the Inn and people are turning up dead. Priva the captured barmaid was found dead in town as well as one of the farmers’ wives. We settle in for the night and try to agree on what to do next. How do you help a town that doesn’t want help?

Encountering the Cult of the Midnight Serpent
Day 5

Day 5

Nenus agreed to go talk to Gerald Roy to try to get him to help us just get safely into town. Nenus returned alone with a message from Gerald Roy that we should leave town as the town is done. We only have until tomorrow and the village will be gone. We all agree that Nenus has done enough and send him home to protect him from the patrols looking for us.

We agree to try to sneak into the Inn when it gets dark. With lots of slow moving and sneaking around to avoid the patrols we made it to the Inn and managed to get inside. THE LEVER IS GONE! We couldn’t open the floor, all evidence of the lever and trap are gone…this is not at all what we expected to find. Nanami says she can determine where the water would have flowed beneath us.

We leave the Inn and head in the direction of the flow of water. While we are sneaking through town I caught the eye of Phanneth the dragonborn caravan guard we helped days ago. He said he is on our side and is trying to help. We ask him a bit about the town and find there might be an access point to the river. These is also one of the older buildings from the ruined ancient town that is not in use. We thank him and send him to Nenus for safety. We easily found the old building which appeared to be a temple to Armasteous an old god that has disappeared.

He was a greater god of humans that stood for victory and honor. We found a chest under the floor and with that was a ladder that descended into the ground. The ladder looked recently used. Nanami thinks the ladder could go down to where the river is – okay down into the creepy tunnel we go. We get down the ladder and are standing on a ledge with the river running swiftly past us.

There is a wooden door and appears to not be trapped. There is a putrid rotting smell coming from beyond the door. Drago opens the door and we enter into a massive chamber that looks like it was burnt and areas are crumbling. The rooms looks like an old ruins from a lot time past with imagines of some forgotten gods and some destroyed alters. We also notice we are not alone in the room there are flying snakes, lizard men and at least one wizard.

We took out the evil creatures but the wizard was able to get through a door and get away. We needed to rest and heal up so we spiked the doors for protection and did a short rest. We set off to investigate one door – leaving the other spiked. We found a room with 12 sarcophagus in the room. There were images of a battle between good and evil. The one pillar had writing on it. “The corrupter as we named him goes by many names Hazrial, Typhan, Imbugood” We know that Armastrius is the knight in the image and Pazuzu was the demon.

We found a secret door that opened into a chamber were it appears a ritual was being conducted. There is a large pool of pulsating blood giving off intense heat next to the priest. There is a pit in the room full of screaming people. As we killed the creatures in the room their blood spilled out andmoved towards the pool of blood and the pool would tremble and looked to get more powerful.

We killed the priest and he called out VECKNA HELP ME as he collapsed. There was a door that would open and more enemies would come into the room – we blocked it open and found a large demon in a portal. He called to us that he was not here to fight. “I am Intugood and the forces you are fighting fight against me as well. If you need me call my name” With that the portal closed.

Devil Ritual

April 30, 2016

I heard chanting coming from the doorway on the left, at the end of the hallway. Carefully, I summoned up a mage hand to open the door and then moved to peer in. I noticed an old hag trying to summon a devil, supposedly to remove the curse that they claimed to cast on the trio.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I helped them with the ritual. At first Persephone and I tried to help complete the ritual as is, but while telepathically communicating with her, she suggested we take control as we didn’t want a devil to be lose in the Feywild. I began to rewrite the runes on the ground, placing them under my control. The old hag was very upset, but too weak to put up any resistance to stop me. I then was completely stunned when our new barbarian friend proceeded to hit the devil in the head before I could stop him.

By some miracle, it worked to stall it’s summoning in time for me to complete the ritual. The devil was sealed in and we began to negotiate removing the curse. He wanted one of my previous lifetimes in order to remove the curse. I felt this was a small price to pay to free the trio that were casting the ritual. It happened to work out to our benefit as the trio were indeed cursed and were returned to their original Eladrin form.

They were very grateful giving us some treasures and inviting us to visit them whenever we come into the local town. We thanked them for what they provided us and started to leave. We then saw the rainbow that had brought us here leading to a spot a short distance away where we got our 2nd key to get access to the Pyramid.

The Fey Swamp
Adventuring Through the Swamp (Nanami)

April 30th, 2016

Nanami ends up going through a secret door, getting herself separated from the rest of the group. She explores the secret passage way, and after a few adventures Nanami finds her way back to the group via a backdoor to the Fey Realm. There she meets a barbarian Goliath who she befriends. Her party tells her about their quest to find keys into order to get into a pyramid with a device that has to be disabled.

The group rests and Nanami tells them the story of how she became a monk. She recounts the story of Rei and how she led a party that rescued her from Troglodytes.

The next day Nanami and the rest of the party buy some supplies and make their way through the murky, misty swamps of the Fey Realm.

Nanami asks the others “how will we find the keys?” which Persephene answers with ‘so far we have found them by tripping over them.’ To this Nanami trips to see if that would work, but it only ends up hurting her head.

The party comes across a group of Harpies and a male Drow. The Harpies need to feed and Nanami thinks to offer them turkey jerky, which doesn’t seem to be what they want. Then the other party members try to offer gold, but that goes poorly and a fight breaks out. During this fight, Fingers, nearly drowns in quicksand, some of the Harpies fly away, and the Drow surrenders.

The party decides to let the Drow live in exchange for him giving up his weapons and boots, and also helping to rescue Fingers from drowning, and also Nanami makes him promise not to attack people anymore. They party debates over taking the Drow’s home, but decides to let him keep it. Also, there is a Harpy chick in one of the rooms.

After this the party continues their way through the swamp, with the Wizard using a ritual to make traveling through the swamp a bit easier. Nanami notes how the swamp smells like her grandmother’s farm. As the group moves along they spot a rainbow and discover it leads to a house. In the house are three monstrous humanoid figures summoning a devil. The barbarian goes to tap the hag casting the spell on the shoulder. The three explain they are trying to right a wrong. And the party decides to help them.

Persephene and the wizard help the woman with the ritual. Nanami offers her a healing potion, seeing how see is struggling, looking physically weakened. When the devil starts to appear in the room the barbarian smashes it with his weapon. Nanami decides to ask for his side of the story and realizes this devil is a liar. The wizard takes control of the ritual and commands the devil to remove the curse he has placed upon the three monstrous humans. Once done the party sees the three turn back into their Eladrin forms. The woman and her children are grateful and offer the party a reward.

At this point the rainbow moves away from the house and the party gives chase. They run into a Leprechaun. This is the first time Nanami has seen him, but the party has come across him before. He gives them a key and the party continues traveling until dark. They make camp and try to rest for the night.

During their rest the party is attacked by strange insects with human faces, as well as, giant ants. They are led by a strange ant queen, part humanoid and part giant ant. After the battle they spare her life and learn about her. She is a Hybrid of a Shadar-Kai female and Giant Ant Queen. She tells the party about what little she knows. The party decides to rest up before continuing through the swamp.


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