Champions of Tymeria

5/14/2016 - Don't Touch that!
into the pyramid we go

After Carrik, Drago Girlzar and I finally met back up with the group (it was really nice of Drago to come back to town to find us). Persephene was leading the way through the swamp where we started smelling a strong sulfur smell and seeing these little pockets of flames that would suddenly shout up from the group.

We were trudging through the swamp (I took up my usual place on Drago Girlzar’s shoulder after the first time I stepped into a pocket of icky water that was up to my chin. Walking along we started hearing deep guttural voices close to where the rainbows were leading us. We walk into a little clearing to see six creatures that Phoen told us were ogres. It looked like they were fishing around in the water pockets with their clubs.

When interacting with them they told us they were hunting for a creature that would be a “valuable prize” for them – it is a part human and part crocodile (actually part fire giant part crocodile). They were also wearing these interesting masks – Carrik arranged to purchase 3 masks from them for 40gp. The sulfur smell was really strong in this area and it looked like the ogres were using these masks to protect them from the smell.

We agreed to help the ogres find the creature, and when the croc-man popped up out of the water we all realized that he was in need of rescue instead of being the prize the ogre’s were looking to claim. After defeating the ogres the croc-man introduced himself as Artran. As the last ogre died the rainbow centered itself onto Artran so we were sure that we made the right choice to protect him. He told us about Morsiphian and that he was supposed to be meeting someone here – we convinced him that we were the people he was to meet here.

He leads us toward the pyramid where we kept following the rainbow where we found the leprechaun. He gave us a key and told us “The key is 3, you have what you need, be careful of what you seek for you shall surely bleed”. We get closer to the pyramid and end up in a side of an old town that had been swallowed up by the swamp. The sky had swirling black clouds and lots of lightning flashing across the sky. There are also large groups of ravens where one flies down to our group and lands on Phoens shoulder.

A ghostly image of a man on horseback with the symbol of the Knights of the true (sun with a sword going through it) on his chest. The man disappears and a small golden pyramid is laying on the ground where he was standing. It is very small with ruins and wards of protection all over it. Drago reached down to touch it and there was a bright flash and we all vanished only to reappear in a pit with lots of dead bodies in it. A booming voice is heard “Welcome to the pyramid of Justice…There is no escape”.

We attempt to climb out of the pit when we see a giant that has a lizard face and wielding a large club. He keeps saying I need your head as he swings at us. There is also two carrion crawlers in the pit with us. We finally put the abomination to rest and starting to look around. 3 different rainbows lead off from the pit we landed in and we opened one door only to be in a room with strange rat creatures and lots of bones. Another path lead to a pool of water with a statute in the middle that also had reptile creatures in the water.

The statute was of a Eldarin knight that had a shining gem with a key inside. We broke the gem and found this keykey.jpg. We decided this was a great place to collect our thoughts…until next time!

5/14/2016 - Loot

The loot gathered this week:
Gas masks x9
Brown Key card “key to the creators lab”
GP – 250

Where did the time go
Never gamble with Wilden's

I should have learned the first time I stayed back to guard the Wilden camp that they have some warped senses of humor. Oh well – it is just another tale for the bards to sing about after I leave this world.

It all started out fine – Tija challenged me to some dice and drinking games…I didn’t see the harm in it. She drank me under the table the last time, but I was going to do my best to keep my head about me this time.

I didn’t even realize the group had left without me, but at the rate members of the group have been coming and going I am not completely surprised. What felt like a couple hours was actually a couple of days. I was sure I had lost the party forever when Carrik walked into the bar. I guess he too had made some bad choices in the past couple of days. It was wonderful to see him. I asked about town and found out where the group was heading so we decided if we hurried we could catch up to them.

I couldn’t resist looking at a few items at the magic shop, but I am glad I did as the proprietor told me that he had seen Drago Girlzar and Persephene just the day before and overheard a bit of their idle chatter about leprechauns and rainbows.

It was the break we needed to find them. Just as we were leaving the shop I literally ran into Drago Girlzar. He had circled back to town to see if he could find us. I am so glad he did. With Drago Girlzar in the lead it only took a couple hours of trudging through the swamps before we arrived at the campsite. They had a few new friends with them, so we did introductions and decided it was time to get moving. They spun us an amazing tale of fighting ant creatures and rainbows and imaginary keys. All truly exciting, but I don’t know how much embellishment was thrown into the mix. I guess only time will tell.

The Pyramid
Nanami's Journal Entry

May 14th, 2016

Nanami reflects on her adventures so far, writing down in her journal…

Well, this day has been going swimmingly, quite literally. First we decide to help some ogres that turn out to do nothing to break their reputation as a race of brutal, evil being. So then we have to fight them to save this big guy that I guess was trying to escape being a slave to the Deceivers. He also was very fond of Morsiphian. We used that to our advantage, excluding the part where we parted ways with Morsiphian.

After talking with him we made our way to an abandoned town. Unfortunately we didn’t get much time to explore it. I mean, a whole town in the middle of the swamp, there’s had to be interesting things to uncover there. Well, I guess the part where the raven led us to the Pyramid was interesting. Especially considering I have been wanting to get to there since I heard about it. And she… he… it..? The raven made friends with the Barbarian, landing on his shoulder. But still, there’s a whole town begging to be explored.

This makes me think of that one mining town I came across that was abandoned next to the haunted mines. Sure, the mines were more interesting, but I had to scout the town first. It’s like eating your dinner before having dessert. Well, I guess it is right to dessert. Anyway, back to the thing with the Pyramid. We were all shrunk down or something, including the Goliath’s new bird pal, and we ended up in the Pyramid.

So far the Pyramid has not been disappointing now that we are here. Though, it has been full of peril. When we first get there we started off in a pit of dead bodies with giant carrion insects underfoot. Though, those dead bodies were prettying interesting considering they were each dressed in uniforms from different time periods, despite not being dead all that long. Maybe there was a costume party that was attacked?

Though, we didn’t get much time to think about it because this big, ugly guy wanted to take my friend’s head. So we ended up fighting this giant club wielding person while fighting giant carrion insects, and to top that off, the bodies started turning into zombies. I hate zombies, very creepy. I ended up putting a bunch of those down while Barbarian helped the others out of the pit.

Getting out of the pit we saw rainbows which went off in different direction, the raven seemed to want us to follow thing. And if there’s anything I have learned about rainbows is that it is always a good idea to follow them. Actually, that was advice my Grandma gave me now that I think about it. Anyway, there was a door that was not where the rainbow was leading that we decided to check to see if we could find a place to make our temporary base of operations if this Pyramid turns out to be as massive as we think it might be.

Well, that didn’t go too well, despite all the piles of bones to search through because of the diseased rats. Fighting them off wasn’t too hard; I even kicked a few into the ceiling. There was another door in the room, this one was bulging out. I figured out there had to have been some sort of cave-in causing that. And when we opened the door, which we did from a distance, it turned out to be filled with bones, all the way to the ceiling. Anyway, I burned up the disease rats and we now have a base of operations, which has the order of dead, burnt diseased rats. Maybe we could have done better with that.

Finally we followed the rainbow to a room with a shallow pool and mind controlled Lizard Folk. Fingers ended up climbing up on the Barbarian’s shoulders because otherwise he would be a good foot underwater. The raven started flying around the battle. And I totally did this cool thing where I went leading from a set of stairs with a flaming foot, kicking one of the bad guys in the head and bouncing off of him.

Anyway, we ended up beating them, though it was really tough.

april 30-May 14th, Follow the Rainbow
Drago? are you okay?

It’s been almost a day since we, Windy and Myself, have seen the others. They wanted us to check out another avenue when they set out for the morning, that and I wanted to get away from Fingers.

Ever since we got to this forest-swamp place I’ve felt uneasy being in his company. Having visions from Lugan also set my mind wondering and I wish to focus it before someone gets hurt. [Drago winces at flashbacks of his past as he walks, slowly guiding his trusty floating shield].

Windy, sitting upon the shield, pointing things out as we go; probably notices my oddities but there has to be someone I can trust in this time of uncertainty. I’m quite fond of her she reminds me of… [Drago has more misshapen memories flow through his conscious] what does she remind me of… WHY CAN I NOT REMEMBER!

After what seemed to be a stories worth of time had past we managed to make our way back to our companions, which sadly includes Finger still, not that I wish him ill but he is unsettling and drives a loathsome cord inside of me. We didn’t go into details about our excursion quite yet knowing that there was more pressing matters ahead, as they had found a lead on the next rainbow which we needed to scout out.

As we headed in the direction we encountered some sort of sulfuric smell and many pot holes in the ground, I wonder what those could be from… As we continued past the clouds of gas we met a hunting party of what seemed to be Ogres, they where looking for some sort of monster but I could tell they had ill intent. They where big and grotesque and seemed to want to strike us down, however Carrik talked them down so we could figure out what we needed to do. He offered our aid to them in finding the beast, however this seemed to easy.

As the rainbow before things are not what they seem and that statement meant more so now than ever. We split up into 2 groups to appease the Ogres and prove that we meant no harm, I went with Nanami and Windy, Carrik and Their new friend went with the other group, while Persephene stayed behind to make sure nothing ambushed us. After about 10 minutes of poking and prodding Carrik managed to stumble upon a giant Crocodile monstrosity it looked fatigued to the point of death and sickly almost, similar to the beasts we have seen in other parts of this swamp, what are they doing here to make suck creatures against their will? Anyways the Ogres next to us seem to light up in joy and their mouths almost seemed to salivate as the crocodile jumped out of the water. This was bad they where not simply looking for it they meant to kill this injured creature. He might not be an ally either but I cannot stand for this injustice. I leapt out at the nearest Ogre sensing something was amiss with our initial offer to them. ]

They hesitated not in retaliating like I expected, almost like it was their plan to begin with anyways. We battle long and hard and with a few explosions and our new friend getting pummeled by a flaming torch form the crocodile a few times the ogres where dead. Their new friend seemed odd at the moment though I walked over to defuse the situation but was just a bit slow, they almost tore each others throats out. I will not stand for this, throat tearing is meant for after we know weather or not they are guilty!

but alas we calmed this new found bomb down to a simmer and talked to the Crocodile who then we explained our situation, leaving out some minor details about Morsiphian, and he ended up giving us the last “Key” that we needed. We followed him to the place where he last remembered the temple being and ended up finding a bird that is fond of our new friend and a Shade guardian, who I think thinks we are prisoners, let us in to the Pyramids.

Once we arrived an alarm went off and we where greeted with a giant of some sorts who preceded to beat us as giant centipedes and zombies attacked my friends, I will not stand for this! once they where exterminated we got out of the forsaken pit [Drago disgusted at the sight of such abominations hopes their souls can rest now]. We start to explore the temple trying to create a makeshift map and following the signs of the rainbow as well as keeping our enemies in to the front of us.

We cleared out a crystalized-rat infested room and made it our base of operations (although it was short lived) and continued to the first rainbow, (which was the leftern most rainbow from the opposite way the Giant appeared from) this rainbow was in the middle of a lake it seemed, as shallow as it is but water none the less. Then out of no where there where Lizard men, which we have seen in our dreams before, appeared and started pelting us with projectiles. We positioned ourselves tactically so that we could pick them off including a caster, and then we stormed towards the rainbow…

Note: After the battle a key was found encased in a gem. Once retrieved the rainbow leading to it disappeared.

Fingers Journal Entry

May 14th, 2016

What the hell! What did I get myself into. I should have just taken my chances alone…I’ve done it before.

That other crew I was with really screwed me! Deciding to sign on with that freak in the Nexus was beyond stupid! What did they think the end game was? He would protect them? Morons…

At least this new crew is on the right track. And they are capable. They seem to be able to take on anything they encounter so far. And I negotiated with these suckers to share the loot…so not too bad I thought. Until my only treasure I had to give away to a tree! Ah!! But I’ll make it up…I’ll make it all up in the end.

But now we magically teleport into some Pyramid that we can’t get out of! And we have no idea what to expect in here. Am I really trapped? And what is going on with these creators we keep hearing of? This shit is getting weirder then even I’m used to.

And three fights and about 100 gold so far to share between us in this Pyramid. That won’t pay off the debt. Ha, Ha…you are a greedy wench Tiamat!

What has Jerel got me into…

Nanami n' the Fey Realm
How Nanami got to the Fey Relm

The Session Missed by Nanami

Secret Doors

While the party hunts down Morsiphian Nanami notices a curious section of wall in the tunnels. She investigates it, accidentally hitting a switch causing the section of wall to spin around, trapping her in a new area. Nanami tries as she might to figure out a way to trigger the secret door, but it appears to only be one way. With a shrug and a sigh she decides to explore the new tunnel.

“I wonder where this tunnel leads. Better make sure to mark up the walls with chalk,” she says as she pulls out some green chalk, marking the secret door and which way she is heading. “The tunnel seems to be heading this way!” She points down the tunnel enthusiastically. Nanami begins her journey down the tunnel.

The passageway is lit by these bioluminescent fungi or varying sizes, some tiny while others about the size of a pumpkin. Examining them Nanami realizes they pose no threat and are actually edible. The farther she ventures down the tunnel the more numerous the mushrooms become, lighting the tunnel in a green hue. “Hm, this place feels a bit different, like something is changing,” Nanami says out loud to herself.

At this point Nanami notices glowing crystals of various colors growing along the ceiling and walls of the cave system. The twisting and turning tunnel is soon dominated by fungi, crystals, and a glowing blue portal. The portal takes up the width and height of the cavern, making it twice Nanami’s height. “This seems to be the source of the mushrooms,” Nanami notes, seeing mushrooms and crystals that have spread fourth from the portal. Or at least see assumes it is some sort of portal.

Blue Portals

She tilts her head and thinks about the portal. Her cat tail waves back and forth the more she contemplates going through the blue light. Nanami shrugs and then smiles, “Won’t be the first mysterious glowing light I have walked into.” She walks through the swirling blue lights.

On the other side of the portal is a vast cavern, much larger than the tunnel. In this first bit of new caves there stand large mushrooms, crystals, and stalagmites. The crystals softly glow, providing plenty of light for Nanami’s low-light vision. Stalactites hang so low, some even form columns with the stalagmites on the floor. The sound of waterfalls and cave crickets echo in the cave, which Nanami finds beautiful. Looking around she notices the portal she has walked through has disappeared. “Looks like I am going forward.”

To be continued…

Quick Note

I mean to add some more here, but since it is taking me longer to get this done then I was hoping I decided to post what I have done so far.

The Fey Swamp
Adventuring Through the Swamp (Nanami)

April 30th, 2016

Nanami ends up going through a secret door, getting herself separated from the rest of the group. She explores the secret passage way, and after a few adventures Nanami finds her way back to the group via a backdoor to the Fey Realm. There she meets a barbarian Goliath who she befriends. Her party tells her about their quest to find keys into order to get into a pyramid with a device that has to be disabled.

The group rests and Nanami tells them the story of how she became a monk. She recounts the story of Rei and how she led a party that rescued her from Troglodytes.

The next day Nanami and the rest of the party buy some supplies and make their way through the murky, misty swamps of the Fey Realm.

Nanami asks the others “how will we find the keys?” which Persephene answers with ‘so far we have found them by tripping over them.’ To this Nanami trips to see if that would work, but it only ends up hurting her head.

The party comes across a group of Harpies and a male Drow. The Harpies need to feed and Nanami thinks to offer them turkey jerky, which doesn’t seem to be what they want. Then the other party members try to offer gold, but that goes poorly and a fight breaks out. During this fight, Fingers, nearly drowns in quicksand, some of the Harpies fly away, and the Drow surrenders.

The party decides to let the Drow live in exchange for him giving up his weapons and boots, and also helping to rescue Fingers from drowning, and also Nanami makes him promise not to attack people anymore. They party debates over taking the Drow’s home, but decides to let him keep it. Also, there is a Harpy chick in one of the rooms.

After this the party continues their way through the swamp, with the Wizard using a ritual to make traveling through the swamp a bit easier. Nanami notes how the swamp smells like her grandmother’s farm. As the group moves along they spot a rainbow and discover it leads to a house. In the house are three monstrous humanoid figures summoning a devil. The barbarian goes to tap the hag casting the spell on the shoulder. The three explain they are trying to right a wrong. And the party decides to help them.

Persephene and the wizard help the woman with the ritual. Nanami offers her a healing potion, seeing how see is struggling, looking physically weakened. When the devil starts to appear in the room the barbarian smashes it with his weapon. Nanami decides to ask for his side of the story and realizes this devil is a liar. The wizard takes control of the ritual and commands the devil to remove the curse he has placed upon the three monstrous humans. Once done the party sees the three turn back into their Eladrin forms. The woman and her children are grateful and offer the party a reward.

At this point the rainbow moves away from the house and the party gives chase. They run into a Leprechaun. This is the first time Nanami has seen him, but the party has come across him before. He gives them a key and the party continues traveling until dark. They make camp and try to rest for the night.

During their rest the party is attacked by strange insects with human faces, as well as, giant ants. They are led by a strange ant queen, part humanoid and part giant ant. After the battle they spare her life and learn about her. She is a Hybrid of a Shadar-Kai female and Giant Ant Queen. She tells the party about what little she knows. The party decides to rest up before continuing through the swamp.

Devil Ritual

April 30, 2016

I heard chanting coming from the doorway on the left, at the end of the hallway. Carefully, I summoned up a mage hand to open the door and then moved to peer in. I noticed an old hag trying to summon a devil, supposedly to remove the curse that they claimed to cast on the trio.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I helped them with the ritual. At first Persephone and I tried to help complete the ritual as is, but while telepathically communicating with her, she suggested we take control as we didn’t want a devil to be lose in the Feywild. I began to rewrite the runes on the ground, placing them under my control. The old hag was very upset, but too weak to put up any resistance to stop me. I then was completely stunned when our new barbarian friend proceeded to hit the devil in the head before I could stop him.

By some miracle, it worked to stall it’s summoning in time for me to complete the ritual. The devil was sealed in and we began to negotiate removing the curse. He wanted one of my previous lifetimes in order to remove the curse. I felt this was a small price to pay to free the trio that were casting the ritual. It happened to work out to our benefit as the trio were indeed cursed and were returned to their original Eladrin form.

They were very grateful giving us some treasures and inviting us to visit them whenever we come into the local town. We thanked them for what they provided us and started to leave. We then saw the rainbow that had brought us here leading to a spot a short distance away where we got our 2nd key to get access to the Pyramid.

Encountering the Cult of the Midnight Serpent
Day 5

Day 5

Nenus agreed to go talk to Gerald Roy to try to get him to help us just get safely into town. Nenus returned alone with a message from Gerald Roy that we should leave town as the town is done. We only have until tomorrow and the village will be gone. We all agree that Nenus has done enough and send him home to protect him from the patrols looking for us.

We agree to try to sneak into the Inn when it gets dark. With lots of slow moving and sneaking around to avoid the patrols we made it to the Inn and managed to get inside. THE LEVER IS GONE! We couldn’t open the floor, all evidence of the lever and trap are gone…this is not at all what we expected to find. Nanami says she can determine where the water would have flowed beneath us.

We leave the Inn and head in the direction of the flow of water. While we are sneaking through town I caught the eye of Phanneth the dragonborn caravan guard we helped days ago. He said he is on our side and is trying to help. We ask him a bit about the town and find there might be an access point to the river. These is also one of the older buildings from the ruined ancient town that is not in use. We thank him and send him to Nenus for safety. We easily found the old building which appeared to be a temple to Armasteous an old god that has disappeared.

He was a greater god of humans that stood for victory and honor. We found a chest under the floor and with that was a ladder that descended into the ground. The ladder looked recently used. Nanami thinks the ladder could go down to where the river is – okay down into the creepy tunnel we go. We get down the ladder and are standing on a ledge with the river running swiftly past us.

There is a wooden door and appears to not be trapped. There is a putrid rotting smell coming from beyond the door. Drago opens the door and we enter into a massive chamber that looks like it was burnt and areas are crumbling. The rooms looks like an old ruins from a lot time past with imagines of some forgotten gods and some destroyed alters. We also notice we are not alone in the room there are flying snakes, lizard men and at least one wizard.

We took out the evil creatures but the wizard was able to get through a door and get away. We needed to rest and heal up so we spiked the doors for protection and did a short rest. We set off to investigate one door – leaving the other spiked. We found a room with 12 sarcophagus in the room. There were images of a battle between good and evil. The one pillar had writing on it. “The corrupter as we named him goes by many names Hazrial, Typhan, Imbugood” We know that Armastrius is the knight in the image and Pazuzu was the demon.

We found a secret door that opened into a chamber were it appears a ritual was being conducted. There is a large pool of pulsating blood giving off intense heat next to the priest. There is a pit in the room full of screaming people. As we killed the creatures in the room their blood spilled out andmoved towards the pool of blood and the pool would tremble and looked to get more powerful.

We killed the priest and he called out VECKNA HELP ME as he collapsed. There was a door that would open and more enemies would come into the room – we blocked it open and found a large demon in a portal. He called to us that he was not here to fight. “I am Intugood and the forces you are fighting fight against me as well. If you need me call my name” With that the portal closed.


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