Yumi and Takuma Morimoto

Nanami's Parents


These two are the parents of Nanami.

Yumi is a human woman and Takuma is a nekomata man from Seto City.


Initially Takuma was an archeologist hired by the military to help survey a dig site (discovered because of an earthquake) of importance to the security of Seto. There he met Yumi, a samurai, and he decided to join the military to chase after her. It wasn’t long before the two fell in love with each other and married.

Nanami’s aunts were also stationed with Yumi. The sisters are identical triplets; Yumi’s sisters’ names are Yuki and Yuri. The three of them with Takuma were assigned various missions dealing with dig site that caused them all to meet in the first place. It would be these missions that would lead up to one of particular importance for them and the city.

It was uncovered that a fearsome monster lurked deep in the mountain near Seto. The earthquake that had revealed the site also set into motion the liberation of the beast. However, the four of them were able to stop the monster before it reached the surface, saving the city from great peril. The monster’s body was used to boost research by the mage division of the Seto military. Because of this the mayor of the city rewarded them with silver, gold, and a large home.

After the events of the mountain Nanami’s parents and aunts decided to retire and open up a small theater. Takumi continued working for the university, but not in the field. Also, he and Yumi decided to start a family. Over the years he would spend less time at the university and more time with his family working in the theater.

Yumi and Takuma Morimoto

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