Druid - Primal Predator


Character Points (7) out of a possible 10.

Character Points Earned

Rangar Rewards

Player Voted Session Titles Earned:

7/9 The Tactician


What is going on in the world? I have spent the last 30 years focused on protecting my own part of the world, the elven forest glades and villages in my territory.

Of course, things were not always peaceful, the occasional creature on a rampage or raid by one of the numerous tribes of troublemakers that abound. The occasional highwayman from the human towns would think our people ripe for the picking and had to be shown the error of his ways.

Occasionally, this meant partnering with other protectors, whether druids or rangers, wizards or warriors depending on the threat. However, I have spent this time with my people, secluded in the world of elves and forests.

Regrettably, this time of relative peace has passed and I find myself wandering in the larger world, having to learn about other people, some good…some not. The large cities of humankind are a new experience. The sheer number of people packed into a small area – how do they cope? I find myself longing to return to the forests and feel the power of the natural running through the earth. These cities disrupt this flow, this power that binds all.

How did I find myself in this situation? In my time in the elven homeland, I heard stories of the troubles in the outside lands. However, we were able to contain the incidents locally…until recently. In the last months, there have been more incursions into our lands of ever increase darkness and danger. With more and more loss to my people, I could no longer justify a life of guardianship. I must enter the larger world and work with others to hunt down and cleanse those who threaten my people and my world.

Luckily, I have recently met a group of adventurers who, so far, have proven to be helpful. I am starting to learn more about the outside world and working with the non-elven. I hope that I do not make mistakes that reflect poorly on my abilities, my connection with the forces of nature, or my people. It will take time for me to feel comfort in this new situation…to be able to take joy in my companions, joke with them, and become a true part of their company. However, they are doing what they can to ease my entry into their group. It is I who has to adjust, to open up. I’m just not yet sure how to do that with those that I do not share a bond with.

1. What is your character’s Name? Raangar

2. How old is your character? 45

3. What would somebody see at first glance? Elf, 5’10”, 180 lbs., brown hair and eyes, scar on left cheek from fight with a kobold

4. What additional attributes would be noticed upon meeting the character? Initial reticence to interact until comfortable with others, wariness around non-elves

5. Where was the character born?

6. Where were you raised?

7. By who? Parents and later by my druidic teacher

8. Who are your parents? Mother – Andressa, Father – Solon

9. Are they alive? Yes

10. What do they do for a living? Mother is a healer for our home village. Father is a hunter and farmer.

11. Do you have other family and friend? Aunts and uncles, cousins, one sister. The people of my territory are my friends. We support each other and ensure safety and health of all.

12. What is the character’s marital status? Single

13. Kid? None

14. What is your characters alignment? Unaligned

15. What is your characters moral code? Protect those who cannot protect themselves, defend the natural world from those who would damage it. If we do not stand together, those who would take advantage will win.

16. Does your character have goals? Protect and defend. As I have to be in the larger world, learn to live in this world and make friends.

17. Is your character religious? Not specifically. He knows of the gods and their powers. He respects what they can do. He knows of the spirits and powers in the world.

18. What are you characters personal beliefs? The gods exist, there is an afterlife. However, respect is earned, not demanded and I do not need to worship a god to succeed. If I live life the right way, I will earn my way to the afterlife.

19. Does your character have personality quirks? I am a rare introvert for an elf. This is why my solitary life suited me. However, I can overcome this to be successful and I will with the right group.

20. Why does your character adventure? To protect my people. Both by challenging the forces that threaten them and by becoming more powerful and knowledge in the ways of the druid.

21. How does you character view his/her role as an adventurer? Defending friends and companions is important. Risks have to be taken, but educated risks will increase the chance of success and life. I represent the force of nature in the group and will do my utmost to ensure that the respect for the natural world is factored into our decisions.

22. Does your character have any distinguishing marks? Scar on left cheek from fight with a kobold in my early days.

23. How does your character get along with others? I attempt to work with all. I can tolerate a lot, but stupidity is a bit hard to overlook. We all make mistakes, but not even thinking is where stupidity comes into play.

24. Is there anything your character hates? Not yet, but give me time to experience more 

25. Is there anything your character fears? Not being there to provide aid when needed.



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