Phoen Branch

A large Goliath who fights wherever his rage takes him. He demands little and keeps largely to himself, preferring to follow the leader.


Character Points (6) out of a possible 10.

Character Points Earned

Phoen Rewards

Player Voted Session Titles Earned:

6/11: The Joker
6/25: The Joker
7/9: The Joker

Race: Goliath
Ht: 8ft
Weight: 375lbs
Skin: Graphite Grey
Eyes: Brown
Age: 21


Phoen Branch hails from Clan Fire Hand in the Sharp Peak Tymerian mountain range. The clan is known and named after tales that tell of a legendary Phoenix Bird that was said to serve as a messenger between gods, and the mountains held its nest. The land around them is green and kept in peace for the Clans take pride in preserving nature’s balance. The Fire Hand’s are very territorial and very proud of the heritage and land they thrive in. Monsters and monstrosities who dare enter their turf do not last long. Druids and Rangers have a right to passage so long as they respect the Clan.

Vague borders are drawn between the Clan’s turf and that of civilized settlements. In general, the Goliaths help defend the lands against monsters and evil bringers, but are neutral to civilized war. However, the Fire Clan could also answer to gold. There was profit to be had in doing what they did best.

Phoen was born and raised into the Branch family known for their temper, or lack thereof. His father is Warvac Branch, a berserker best known to lay the killing blow against a red dragon who attacked the small city of Foalrend. Striking it so hard, he cleaved the head in two. His mother is Hara Qivlak. She serves as a healer in the mountain and on the battlefield.

In his early years Phoen would follow the advice and direction of his elders to become a barbarian. For years he more or less blindly drove off unwanted foes and monsters. His lack of intellect hindered him from becoming much more than a brute, and while some rebellious Goliaths would try to deny this, Phoen embraced it.

He would also offer his power for gold to the settlements below. While of good nature, Phoen would hardly question his objective is the gold was good, yet he had enough honor to himself and the clan that he swore: “No evil deeds for the betterment of evil!”

At the ripe age of twenty he was offered a choice of weather to stay and protect the land or roam the world to make a name. The Fire Clan did this to spread influence of their power, particularly on other clans, feeding the stereotypical pride and competitiveness that Goliaths feed on. Phoen choose to leave, believing that he could grow stronger and eventually return as the greatest striker on the mountain and continue his father’s legacy.

Urea was the obvious choice. Overcome by evil, it was the best place to find work and adventure. For several months Phoen worked his muscles, believing that eventually that by doing enough work, a reputation will grow. One job was to fetch a wizard some fresh ingredients from monsters, but upon returning, the wizard tried to trick Phoen with hold person and get away through a portal into the feywild. The wizard was later found in pieces all over his tavern room. However, by mistake Phoen fell into the portal where he found himself crossing paths with the rest of the PCs

Character’s Personality Traits, Bonds, Flaws, and Ideals
Please select 2-3 personality traits, 1-2 flaws, 1-2 ideals, 1-2 Bonds

Personality Traits:
- I don’t see all the risks in a situation. Head strength is inherent.
- Dirt is part of life. I don’t mind it.
- I’m a follower. Not a leader.

- The truth is all I speak. Life isn’t fair and neither is my tongue.
- I can’t always control my emotions, they can drive me blind. (Wisdom checks when faced with strong emotions)

- Sincerity. No pretending to be something I’m not
- Destiny. No one can steer me away from my higher calling.

- No evil deeds for the betterment of evil.
- My reputation and honor to my people above all else.

Phoen Branch

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