Far Realm Creature in the Nexus Realm


The Far Realm is home to countless alien abominations, some of which rival the mightiest gods in power. Occasionally, these great entities clash over motives and machinations far beyond the ken of mortal minds. Rarer still, one of these terrible beings is defeated, stripped of its power, and hurled into the dark cosmos to wander the void for eternity.

Such was the fate of the entity known as Otag-Nepthal. However, Otag-Nepthal had made inroads into the world of mortals, attracting the attention of warlocks and mad cultists. Banished from its domain in the Far Realm, it used what remained of its power to pass into the mortal world, in hopes that it might go unnoticed and slowly rebuild its strength.

Its’ physical form had been destroyed, and all that remained of the malign entity was its heart, a calcified chunk of unspeakable evil. This rock shot across the cosmos and impacted the world centuries ago.

At some point though Otag-Nepthal’s calcified heart was found and taken to power some type of machine in the Pyramid.

Morsiphian somehow came in possession of the Seed…hoping to use its power. However, the creature started to take control and too late Morsiphian realized his plan to control its influence was not working.

Otag-Nepthal began to exert its influence, inundating the surrounding area with its evil. Its presence acted as clarion call to wicked creatures.

Otag-Nepthal has also been poisoning the minds of Morsiphian’s followers. Its influence began to twist the bodies of these misguided servitors, and some of them had bizarre deformities indicative of exposure to the Far Realm’s energy.

Before being defeated by the PCs it was undergoing a hideous resurgence, building a physical body worthy of a Far Realm lord. To build this physical form, he required ample supplies of flesh. It was having Morsiphian send out his most trusted servants, to capture creatures great and small.

Any unfortunates captured were dragged back to be tortured out of their wits and cast down to where Otag-Nepthal dwelled deep in the caves. He absorbed those brought to it, using their flesh as raw material to construct a horrific body around its heart.

Otag-Nepthal was defeated by an attack by the PCs and Morsiphian…its body destroyed except for its c alcified heart. The PCs now carry the Seed with them.



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