Nanami Morimoto

Nekomata Monk


Character Points earned (10)-out of possible 10

Character Points Earned

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Player Voted Session Titles Earned:

6/25: The Tactician (Tie)
6/25: The Actor (Tie)
9/17: The Actor
9/17: The Joker


She is a monk that loves exploring ancient ruins and forgotten temples. She is plucky and at times can seem almost helpless optimistic. She is part Nekomata and part Human.


This is a general term for the races of intelligent shape-shifting animals that take Human form. They are found in the far eastern lands of Tymeria. One particular kind of these is known as the Nekomata. These cat-like creatures are connected with the Fey Realm, like all Hengeyokai. Though personalities of a Nekomata can be of any kind, it is common for them to have qualities associated with both house cats and wild cats. Nekomata are known for growing a second and in some cases third cat tail.


Nanami Morimoto

She is a Nekomata that loves exploring ancient ruins and forgotten temples. She is plucky and at times can seem almost helpless optimistic. This love of exploration and carefree outlook on life leads her to all sorts of adventures. She lives in a large city built upon a hill with a fast moving river that runs through the middle of the. The city of Seto is the largest city in the Aichi prefecture of her home nation.

Her family of 16, including aunts and cousins, all live in a large house. The house was granted to her family by the governor. This was after her parents and two aunts saved the city from a great monster deep in the mountains. Her father is an archeologist that was once a member of Seto’s military. He is a Nekomata. Nanami’s mother is a retired samurai and former member of Seto’s military. She is a Human. The two met during their military careers. In fact, her father joined the military because of Nanami’s mother.

Unlike most Nekomata she cannot shapeshift into a cat animal form. She can change from mostly human looking to a hybrid between cat and humanoid. But like Nekomata she can understand what cats mean when they speak, not perfectly though.

How She Became a Monk

As a teenager she studied lore of the Underdark and made a habit of exploring ruins and hanging around archeological sites. Outside of her home city of Seto, in the Forest of Clouds there was a big archeological find of ancient ruins. These dated back years before the founding of Seto, before Aichi, even before the nation Nanami calls home was created.

People working the site started to disappear and all sorts of rumors were going through the city as to what was causing this. One is that these ruins led directly to the Underdark. Nanami was curious and wanted to investigate. She made her ways to the ruins and explored them. After hours of wandering the ruins she found out why people were disappearing, Troglodytes. Upon finding them she ran away, escaping them at first. However, they managed to capture her.

Nanami wasn’t sure how she would escape. Then a monk, leading a small band of warriors, jumped in to save Nanami’s life. The monk used a combination of punches, kicks, and summoning of elemental powers which beat back the filthy Troglodytes. Then after that, the two were alone in the damp ruins…although she had a group of adventurers with her in the other room.

The woman introduced herself as Rei Hoshi a monk devoted to the cause of the Silver Flame. She had been sent by her order to investigate the disappearances at the site as well as recover a lost artifact. The artifact turned out not to be there, but there was a clue to where it could be found. Nanami was impressed by Rei and her order. Rei decided that Nanami might do well to learn the ways of a monk and got Nanami to join her order.

The two departed for the Monk’s temple. There Nanami learned the arts of Rei’s order. She trained while continuing her regular schooling. The time was difficult, but highly rewarding. After that she began her travels. She traveled west, meeting new people, cultures, and finding time to learn about the local history of the places she was visiting. She paid close attention to talks of ancient ruins, terrifying monsters from the Underdark, and artifacts with interesting properties.

Twenty-Five Questions

1. What is your character’s name?
Answer: Namami Morimoto

2. How old is your character?
Answer: 24

3. What would somebody see at first glance (i.e. height, weight, skin color, eye color, hair color, physique, race, and visible equipment)?
Answer: Her cat ears and tail

4. What additional attributes would be noticed upon meeting the character (i.e. Speech, mannerisms)?
Answer: Her optimism, curiosity, and ability to go off on a tangent.

5. Where was your character born?
Answer: The city of Seto in the Aichi prefecture of her home nation.

6. Where were you raised?
Answer: The city of Seto

7. By who?
Answer: Her parents and aunts

8. Who are your parents?
Answer: Yumi (mother who is Human) and Takuma (father who is Nekomata)

9. Are they alive?
Answer: Yes

10. What do they do for a living?
Answer: Having retired from military service her parents now run a small theater.

11. Do you have any other family or friends?
Answer: Her family of 16, including aunts and cousins, all live in a large house. Her two aunts are named Yuki and Yuri. Nanami’s mother and aunts are triplets with a strong bond between each of them.

12. What is your character’s marital status?
Answer: Single, though she has a few crushes. One includes a foreigner that studied with her at the academy, Clara.

13. Kids?
Answer: None

14. What is your character’s alignment?
Answer: Good (Neutral Good if using the 9 part system)

15. What is your character’s moral code?
Answer: Protect the weak, help others, and bring knowledge to the world.

16. Does your character have goals?
Answer: She wants to discover exciting ancient cities/ruins to explore, defeat evil forces, get her second tail, make friends, and eventually find a special someone.

17. Is your character religious?
Answer: Like many of her order she believes in paying respect to all the good and neutral gods, as well as, being aware of the spirits of the Fey Realm.

18. What are your character’s personal beliefs?
Answer: Nanami believes there are actually thousands of gods and powerful spirits that inhabit the world and heavens. The exact power and influence of each of these being greatly varies, which some being powerful enough to be known to the world at large. She believes a positive attitude can change the world for the better (both by making one act better and by influencing the spirits).

19. Does your character have any personality quirks (i.e. anti-social, arrogant, optimistic, paranoid)?
Answer: She is hopeless optimistic and prone to following her curiosity. She also has faith that some bad people can be taught to be good. Also, she can get easily distracted by things like butterflies, fish, and beetles.

20. Why does your character adventure?
Answer: Her curiosity motivates her to go to new land and her desire to serve the righteous cause of the Emerald Flame takes her to new places.

21. How does your character view his/her role as an adventurer?
Answer: She is the plucky one that acts sorta as the conscience of the party. Also, she is the group’s archaeologist.

22. Does your character have any distinguishing marks (birth-marks, scars, deformities)?
Answer: Freckles

23. How does your character get along with others?
Answer: She does her best to be friendly with others because she wants to make friends.

24. Is there anything that your character hates?
Answer: Snakes and Troglodytes

25. Is there anything that your character fears?
Answer: Troglodytes

Character’s Personality Traits, Bonds, Flaws, and Ideals
Please select 2-3 personality traits, 1-2 flaws, 1-2 ideals, 1-2 Bonds

Personality Traits:
• I would rather make a new friend than a new enemy
• There’s nothing I like more than a good mystery.
• I’m a hopeless romantic, always searching for that ‘special someone’
• I’m a sucker for a pretty face.
• I’d risk too much to uncover a lost bit of knowledge.
• Redemption – There’s a spark of good in everyone. (Good)
• Knowledge – The path to power and self-improvement is through knowledge. (Neutral)
• Nothing is more important that the other members of my family.
• I’ve been searching my whole life for the answer to a certain question.

Nanami Morimoto

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