Morsiphian (Removed)

An Abomination from the Nexus Realm


An Intelligent Abomination with 3 known forms. One, a Human/Scorpion/Insect Hybrid. Two, a Hound/Human/Scorpion Hybrid. Three, a giant Scorpion/Spider/Human Hybrid.

Defeated by the players in the The Murkendraw Swamp when he was sucked into a portal created by Nenus.

A god to the Bile Spider Goblins and controlling their activities in the village of Lorlea Village-Town. A unwilling servant and enemy to the Far Realm monstrosity Otag-Nepthal.

Making its home in the Nexus Realm, evidence suggests it led The Hunt at one time but turned on them. Apparently created by something called T he Creators and also known as The Deceivers.

Once possesed the Crystal Compass but lost to the Midnight Serpent Cultists. Apparently seeking the item until defeated by the players.

He had many servants, including the Knight Yorvella, the Bile Spider Goblins led by Glaxar & Kagin, as well as various trained animal monster pets.


Morsiphian (Removed)

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