Master Guisel Vesek

Scholar in Lorlea


Occupation and History: Guisel is the fourth son of a minor noble in a city far to the east. Given up to the Church of Ioun to become a priest, Guisel served there for a time. When he turned eighteen, he quit the monastery and headed west, settling in Lorlea. A true scholar, he turned his keen mind to unearthing the secrets of the disappearances within the town.

Physical Description: Guisel is fast approaching his fiftieth year. His hair has gone to white, and wrinkles cover his face. His watery-green eyes seem tired, but he can affect a smile when need be. He’s most often found wearing comfortable brown robes and surrounded by his books.

Guisel and the Herbalist Taren are friends, so Taren gave him a room where he could recover from his injury and stay hidden. Guisel if fearful of showing anyone he is alive but wants to continue his studies and find out what is happening in the town.

Guisel lives in a simple house, where he tutors children, teaching them to read and write. He witnessed one of his students kill another, which is when he went to stay with Taren…to avoid the Cult.


Master Guisel Vesek

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