Knight of the True in Past


Meet her back in time…when sent by Morsiphian through the Time Mirror.

She is the last of the True left in the Nexus Realm. Demons have destroyed their temple and killed everyone.

She received a message from Armastrias to wait in this room (where time flows much more slowly then outside) for the “Heroes from Beyond Time and Space”.

She tells them what has happened plus about the Seed being taken by Demons. They were given The Seed and told it was a great evil and to lock it up and never let it be taken.

She also was a told a message to pass along to them….“Seek the Raven, Trust in Death.”

Iomadae tells PCs to beware the hidden enemy. The Hidden Enemy is the real enemy.

And Armastrias says their will be another great war to come. He wanted her to tell this to “the Heroes Beyond Time & Space”.



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