Hive Queen (Hybrid)

Leader of Faction of the Huntin Swamp


A Hybrid of a Shadar-Kai female and Giant Ant Queen.

Encountered in the The Murkendraw Swamp. Beriah defeated her and was able to gain a potential ally.

She explains she was created by something called The Creators but does not know who they are. They seem to give her instructions in her mind somehow and she leads her faction of The Hunt.

She is dispondent about not knowing her past and how little control she has over her actions, which she does say is more control then the others in The Hunt.

She knows about The Pyramid-Murkendraw Swamp and feels it is an important part of her history…and knows their objective is to guard it from intruders.

She has seen the Crocodile/Humanoid priests travel through the swamp.


Hive Queen (Hybrid)

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