Gerald Roy

Smuggler in Lorlea


Lorlea doesn’t have much organized crime, but it does have is Gerald Roy, and he makes do.

The players first encounter him at the Groggy Ale. He is working for the Cult of the Midnight Serpent when the players meet him but he is not under the control of the machine (although he did see the machine).

Roy attempts to warn the PCs to stay away from the town. In the end the players put Roy in charge of running the Long March Tavern and getting the business going.

Occupation: Roy runs a small smuggling operation created to funnel stolen merchandise to other communities. He rarely robs locals, preferring to target travelers making their way to or from the town.

Description: An outgoing human male in his thirties, Gerald has shaggy brown hair and a matching beard flecked with red and gray. He’s rough, vulgar, and frank. In spite of this and his portliness, Gerald is a charmer. He has a reputation as a rake throughout the village.


Gerald Roy

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