Deva Wizard


Character Points earned (4)-out of possible 10

Character Points Earned

Beriah Rewards

Player Voted Session Titles Earned:

6/11: The Victor
9/17: The Tactician
9/17: The Joker

Name: Beriah
Age: Undetermined
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 235 lbs
Race: Deva
General Appearance: Light blue skin, purple eyes, gray/silver hair, average build


Beriah, a Deva that has lived thousands of lifetimes. He has always sought out knowledge wherever he could find it. As all Devas, he does not love, nor does he reproduce. Life continues even after death with him. He unfortunately does not remember all of his lifetimes. He often at times wonders about things he has done in previous lifetimes. Has he made a difference for the better in the world? Another side effect of his race is that he only remembers bits and pieces of those past lives.

At some time in Beriah’s past, he had been working on a ritual that would allow him to keep all of his memories and reaccess his previous memories. Unfortunately he was never able to complete ritual research. Due to the nature as his race, he never really recalled that he had made it so far in the development in the ritual. In some of his life’s he has pursued various ways to achieve that goal, but not anywhere as much as he did in that one lifetime.

Beriah is generally well composed. He is not quick to anger, but is often quick to think things through. He is largely an observer and speak when he feels he has something important to say. He is fluent in Common, Elven, and Supernal.

As Beriah is a Deva, he has no parents, no family, and no real place of origin. He focuses only on serving his god, Ioun, and the cause of good. Beriah seeks to help people in the world and make the world a better place for those that live in it.

Beriah is tolerant of all good and neutral gods and their followers, but despises all evil gods and their followers. He understand that although all people are different, it is by working for the greater good that the world can be improved. As such, Beriah is willing to pursue peace to avoid conflict in most situations.


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