Champions of Tymeria


Beriah was minding his own business as he traveled on his Tenser’s Disk with Persephone by him. It had become usual business, especially thru the murky swamp that they were traveling to. All of the sudden, Beriah was in a prison cell. He had no recollection of how he ended up there. He looked about and found himself alone in the cell. He stood up and then began to look around as he tried to investigate why he was suddenly there and why couldn’t he remember how he got there.

As he came around to the bars of the cell, an angel walked up to the bars. “You have been summoned for your trial. May the gods have mercy on your soul.” The angel summoned lower angels to escort Beriah to his trial. Beriah bowed and followed them to the courtroom. Three lesser good deities sat at the panel. Beriah bowed and acknowledged each of them.

The head deity lead the trial. “Beriah, you have been brought before this tribunal for your crimes. The charges are as follows: summoning a ”/characters/misfortune-devil" class=“wiki-content-link”>devil into the feywild and making a pact with said devil. This court will determine your guilt or innocence. If found guilty, your soul will be returned to the astral sea in order to prevent your soul from being corrupted allowing you to return as a Rakshasa. If found innocent, you will be returned to your companions to complete your quests. Beriah, how do you plead to the charges against yourself."

Beriah bowed to the group, “I must plead guilty to the charges. I did commit such an act. If I may explain myself to the court so that they may understand the reasoning behind the charges.”

“Beriah, you will be permitted to explain yourself before this ”/wikis/the-celestial-ward" class=“wiki-page-link”> court. We believe in law and order. As such, we believe all parties may have their reasons. At this time, the court will enter a guilty plea into the records." The deity motioned to an angel that was taking notes. “We will go over each charge and will weigh your response to make a determination on any sentencing that we may have for you. On the charge of summoning a devil into the ”/wikis/the-feywild" class=“wiki-page-link”> feywild, please explain yourself."

“Thank you my lords.” Beriah bowed again to the panel. “My party and I came across some creatures trying to summon a ”/characters/misfortune-devil" class=“wiki-content-link”>devil into the feywild. Two of such creatures claimed their mother, the apparent hag, were attempting to summon the devil in order to remove a curse that had been placed on them. After hearing their pleas, I felt that they were truthful and began to assist the hag into properly summoning the devil. At the urging of a companion and because we couldn’t fully trust the creatures we found, I made the necessary changes to the ritual to hold it properly under my control. I felt that if the creatures were truthful, we could persuade the devil in removing the curse. If they were lying, I would prevent them from controlling a devil that could be used against other fey creatures."

The panel members nodded their heads in understanding. “We appreciate the explanation and will take it under consideration. Now, on the charge of making a pact with the same devil. Please explain yourself to this panel.”

Bowing again, Beriah continued. “After the devil was summoned, I spoke to it in regards to the curse. The devil did advise that he placed a curse on them. I requested the ”/characters/misfortune-devil" class=“wiki-content-link”>devil to remove the curse it had put on the trio of creatures and to return them to their natural form. The devil refused unless he was given something in return. I told him that I would give him his freedom and allow him to return to his own plane if he removed the curse. The devil refused this proposition. I then made as if I was going to leave the devil in his held state unless he released them and still it refused. I finally asked the devil what it would like in return for removing the curse. The devil wanted one of my past lives. As I have no way of being able to recall them, I felt that allowing it to have a memory in exchange for returning the creatures to their natural form was the greater good. After the terms were accepted, the devil reversed the curse and then took his leave. The trio of creatures returned to their natural Eladrin forms. After accepting their hospitality, my party and I took our leave of them."

“Thank you for your words. We will discuss what you have explained here and make our decision on your sentencing.” The deities turned to the angels, "Please return the prisoner to his cell. Beriah allowed himself to be taken back to the cell. While in the cell, he sat and began to meditate.

An unknown amount of time later, the angel returned to bring Beriah back before the panel. “Beriah, are you prepared to hear the sentencing against you?”

“My lords, I am prepared to accept whatever sentence the panel feels to lay against me.”

“”/characters/beriah" class=“wiki-content-link”>Beriah, for your crimes of summoning a devil and then making a pact with that said devil, you have been found innocent. Your reasoning for committing the crimes is concerning, but we believe you had good intentions when you summoned that devil. As such, we feel that you should be returned to your companions to continue to bring truth, good, and enlightenment to the planes. As a word of caution, take care that you continue to do so."

With that, the angel returned and led Beriah down a corridor he hadn’t noticed before. The guard stopped and pointed down the hallway. “Continue down this corridor and you will be returned to your companions. Do well brother.” With that, the angel walked away. Beriah proceeded down the path until a bright light overtook him…


That’s a pretty cool reason he wasn’t in the party.


Character Points earned (4)-out of possible 5 (Beriah)

Character Points earned (1)-out of possible 3 (Nanami)

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